Keep Tap Water Safe
As concerned, environmentally-minded citizens of Southeastern Pennsylvania, KeepTapWaterSafe’s goal is to aggregate high-quality information about the safety and security of our fresh water resources; to alert our community about the complex and urgent issue of Shale Gas Drilling in Pennsylvania watersheds; and to support the efforts of other environmental and water action groups concerned with the health of our rivers and streams.

Keep Tap Water Safe looks for environmental accountability at the Pennsylvania state and local level and, whenever possible, endeavors to apply maximum pressure to those driving energy and environmental policy at the state and federal level.

Liz Rosenbaum, Editor, KeepTapWaterSafe.org
A writer, parent, avid researcher and organic gardener, Rosenbaum has worked in publishing, public relations and as a freelance copywriter. In 2005, she wondered about the lack of media coverage when the gas drilling exemptions were slipped into the Energy Policy Act, but it was seeing Josh Fox’s Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland that made her aware of the environmental horrors associated with Industrial Gas Drilling. She quickly learned that hydraulic fracturing – fracking –  is the single largest pollution threat to the water supply of the 15.6 million people living in Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and Southern New Jersey. Since then, she has become a volunteer for The Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Protecting Our Waters and StopFrackingPA!, striving to raise the platform of Fresh Water Security along with the issue of fracking. She’s heartened to have found over a million like-minded water activists in Pennsylvania – so far.

Contact Liz Rosenbaum on Facebook or on Twitter @Fractivista.

“We only know the worth of water when the well is dry.”  ~ Ben Franklin

8 Responses to “About”

  1. Saturday, July 28th – Save The Date « Keep Tap Water Safe Says:

    [...] STOPFrackingPA! [...]

  2. Mikethemikeman Says:

    Dear friends,

    Please check out the referenced article called FRACKING INSANE at woodstockearth.blogspot.com. Non-commercial website. 

    I’m the writer, but it’s not about me. Please take the time to read it through, as it’s got a lot of info all the way till the end, that maybe even you, who know a lot more than me, might not know yet. Also, I tried to make it understandable for the common person. Two good videos included. It’s not short, but only 6 pages long, as short as I could make it and tell the whole story. 

    Please feel free to use it any way you like, but if you could reference or link to our site, that’s all we ask. 

    Thanks for your time, if you really do read it through. 



  3. Saturday, July 28th – Stop the Frack Attack! | Stop Fracking Pennsylvania! Says:

    [...] STOPFrackingPA! [...]

  4. Stop the Frack Attack! | Shale Justice Says:

    [...] STOP Fracking PA! [...]

  5. Mikethemikeman Says:

    Dear Liz,

    This important article reminds us of one of the main reasons we’re here, and that’s our intimate relationship with Nature, and our conviction to protect Mother Earth for our children and for the “seven generations” to come. It not only talks about Fracking the HOLY LAND (National Parks, Forests, Native American Lands, State Lands, Farmlands, etc.) but focuses on the fact that they are using hundreds of trillions of gallons of our HOLY WATER. And that they’re doing this in a time of DROUGHT brought on by Global Warming. Groundwater Depletion is a major issue in most parts of the country. 


    The visceral reaction in most Americans to the fact that the energy industry has already started their assault on our public lands, meaning amongst other areas, our treasured National Parks and Forests (and the wildlife living within) could potentially mobilize millions of politically diverse Americans. 

    And the fact that close to 60% of Americans live in drought-stricken areas, and have already tasted the lack of Water, coupled with knowledge of just how many trillions of gallons are being sucked up and ruined forever by Gas and Oil “Drilling”, makes Water another strong issue to rally support against Fracking. 

    We need your help in getting this story out to as many readers as possible. Please consider this your material to use as you like. We are totally a 
    non-commercial website. Though we spent hundreds of hours in the research and writing of this article, we ask nothing in return but would deeply appreciate your help in distribution. The more people that know, the better off we’ll all be. 

    Bless you for your activism. 



    PS We have 4 other in depth articles on various aspects of Fracking and 2 articles on Global Warming.
    woodstockearth.blogspot.com Climate Scientist Michael E. Mann, director of the program at Penn State University, and one of the most controversial in the national debate against Climate Change Denial, has read and endorsed (@Twitter) our last 2 articles, including the one referred to in this email. Please, please help us get it out.  


  6. Mikethemikeman Says:

    Dear Liz,

    Have always been a big fan of the Sierra Club.

    Why are they so silent on the desecration of our National Parks and Forests?

    Am I wrong?

    Thanks for your attention and activism,


    • Liz Rosenbaum Says:

      To my mind, Sierra’s biggest problem is also their greatest strength … they’re more an amalgam of local chapters than they are a huge national organization. They’re a Big Green, to be sure, but they seem more diverse and democratic that most. Early on, PA Sierra has been proactive, yet recently the Illinois chapter appears to have faltered when it came to opposing that state’s new drilling regs. I support Sierra, however reservedly, because I think Sierra’s President, Michael Brune, is raising awareness of carbon and climate change, and they foster robust debates based in science. Deb Nardone, head of Sierra’s Beyond Natural Gas campaign, has also emerged as a strong voice of reason. She recently testified before a US congressional committee. If you’re interested in joining that debate, I recommend Sierra’s email forum – a list “associated with the Hydrofracking Team on the Sierra Club’s Activist Network”


  7. G. Ring (@frackfree_eu) Says:

    I’m not sure who runs this site but I have some updates to share on the European situation (from well-informed, local campaigners). Can I email you the updates? I don’t see an email address anywhere. Thanks for your help.

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