– The Website Drillers Don’t Want You To See

The most valuable tool for Pennsylvania water activists yet comes in the form of  It’s Google Maps meets Fracking Facts in Pennsylvania. For example, do you want to know which is the closest waste treatment facility to accept frack waste near you? If you live in Montgomery County, it’s:

To date, PCS Environmental has accepted 8073.32 tons drill cuttings, 40376.00 Bbls (= 42 gallons) brine and industrial waste, and 3660.00 Bbl Frac Fluid. Their biggest customer is Cabot Oil & Gas. They also service Williams Production and Appalachia LLC.

Interesting, right?

This is the best tool I’ve found to help me sort fact from fiction, legitimate hype from hyperbole. It gives the viewer a snapshot of where the 6,537 drilling permits approved to date are apportioned, what type each well is producing in terms of waste, and who is operating it. I am particularly interested to learn more about frack waste handling, treatment and disposal since that aspect of the Industry is alarmingly under-regulated in our state.

Sunlight is the best antiseptic, as they say, and strikes me as a brilliant ray of sunshine on some very important information! Check it out.

One Response to “ – The Website Drillers Don’t Want You To See”

  1. FrackTrack Says:

    Thanks for sharing this with the public! For some reason the press doesn’t want pick up on the fact that we’ve had this released over 3 months ago.

    If you need any help using our service please contact us.

    Remember to create an account and view our severance tax calculator which breaks down each severance tax proposal at or .

    Both websites point to the same page.

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