Anti-Fracking Grassroots Blogroll

Environmental Bloggers, on a roll…

-> For a more detailed, comprehensive listing of groups opposed to Fracking, please visit FrackFreePA!

Action PA:

Amy Mall’s Blog:

Allegheny Defense Project:

Athens County Ohio Fracking Action Network:

Barnett Shale Hell (Texas):

Berks Gas Truth:

Bluedaze Drilling Reform:

Bob’s Blog:

Calvin Tillman, Dish TX:

Catskill Mountainkeeper:

Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy:

Center for Healthy Environments and Communities:

Cheap Tricks & Costly Truths:

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability:

Danger Drilling:

River Voice, The Delaware Riverkeeper’s blog:

De-Smog Blog:

Energy Policy Forum:

Faces of Frackland, PA:

FrackAlert, Northeast PA Residents & Landowners Against Fracking:


Fracking Curation Project:

Fracking Underground:


FrackTrack, Citizens Mapping and Data Tool:
Marcellus Mapping Tool, new and Improved to track of the enactment of local impact fees.

Gas Drilling Awareness Coaltion:

Gas Exploitation, Assault to the Senses, Dimock, PA:

Gas Safety USA:

Gas Wells Are Not Our Friends, Dear Susquehanna:

Gas Wells on the Monongahela:

Hydrofracking Virginia:

Luzerne County Citizens for Clean Water:

Marcellus Effect:

Marcellus Mayhem:

Marcellus Protest:

Marcellus Shale-US:
Fracking photojournalism at its best.

Natural Gas Watch, gas explosion watchdogs:

Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation:

No Harm To The Farm

No Fracking in New York Aquifers:

No Fracking Way: A blog for New York and Pennsylvania hosted by ShaleshockMedia:

NEPA Gas Action, Citizens for Clean Water, Susquehanna County, PA:

Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Air and Water:

Protecting Our Waters:

Protect The Endless Mountains of PA:

Public Herald:

Responsible Drilling Alliance:

Sane Energy Project, NYC:

Save Our Streams PA:

Save The Delaware:

Shale Gas Review, Tom Wilbur’s new book, Under The Surface, is due out this spring:

Shale Shock!:

Solid Shale, New York State:

Splashdown PA, Defending Our Water Now!:

Un-Natural Gas:

West Virginia Host Farms:

What The Frack?:

List is by no means complete – regularly updated! … Please leave any links you like in the Comments, and I will add them to the list!

18 Responses to “Anti-Fracking Grassroots Blogroll”

  1. Jenny Lsk Says:

  2. The Year Fractivism Exploded « Keep Tap Water Safe Says:

    […] 2.  Anti-Fracking Grassroots Blogroll […]

  3. FrackNation or Continental Divide? « Keep Tap Water Safe Says:

    […] on Facebook? Good for you! I swear, I’m getting over it too. Here’s a link to Anti-Fracking Websites. […]

  4. Alma Hasse Says:

    Please add the Facebook page Idaho Residents Against Gas Extraction – IRAGE. We’re fighting hard to retain our quality of life, clean drinking water and fresh air!

  5. Alma Hasse Says:

    Oopps! Just realized that this is a page listing of blogs– we are on the FB page! See what happens when I try to multi-task! With reference to a blog page– I’d like to get one going– any suggestions on which format is best for those of us who are somewhat technically challenged?

  6. mylduc Says:

    Thank you very much from Quebec, your listing it’s more important!

  7. Liz Rosenbaum Says:

    via Doug Shields:
    Great library of links leading to information sources on “horizontal hydrofracking” or “fracking” and the anti-fracking movement!

  8. Fracking creates Global Warming Says:

    Fracking creates Global Warming. Stanford researcher finds U.S. methane emissions are higher than official estimates

  9. nof rack Says:


  10. Solar Analytics (@PVwizard) Says:

    A site for blogging and scientific discourse —

  11. pressingflowers Says:

    Sadly I turned my flower blog into a fight against fracking in NC . Thanks for the list , here is my link too . peace and solidarity !

  12. keyalea Says:

    Thanks for the work that you’re doing!

    I’ve started one at that focuses on the area of Brighton, Colorado, in Adams county.

  13. keyalea Says: centers on the area of Brighton, CO, in Adams County.

  14. Marco Says:

    Greatings from Germany, our stupid goverment is making some Laws for the Fracking Industry right now! Protest is the only Answer. How stupid can humans be? I will set a link on my Page to your List.

    Marco from Deutschland

  15. Enorme Umweltverschmutzung durch Fracking | Says:

    […] (Englisch) Anti Fracking Blogs […]


    Update, #twitter #banfracking #NaturalRights #forgivestudentdebt #freecommunitycollege #divest #Lancasterpipeline #Sustainability #protectorganicfarms #Endwar #endprisonsystem #forgivedebt If my Homepage is not up to par it probably means I’m on Twitter 10+ a day #2ndammend #freespeach #Educate #organize

  17. KellySpinner Says:

    New anti-Fracking novel just published. “The Williston Experience: A Story of Boomtown Greed.”

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