PA DEP Secretary Pushes Back

In a strongly worded reply to  Federal EPA Regional Administrator, Shawn M. Garvin, Acting Secretary of the PA Department of Environmental Protection, Hon. Michael Krancer, stands behind the agency’s current regulatory approach. He states:

“Unfortunately, your letter, along with the recent New York Times articles, overlooks DEP’s strong and ongoing efforts to protect the environment and public health. More specifically, the radionuclides and other pollutants of concern (barium and strontium) that were highlighted in your letter had all been previously identified by DEP and targeted in regulation, guidance, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting process, in-stream sampling, and public drinking water sampling.”

There’s nothing wrong with a strong stance from the PA Department of Environmental Protection! If we’re to have timely, effective, common sense regulations created and enforced, now more than ever, we need a DEP that will serve as a model to other states. Go Team Go! I only hope Mr. Krancer’s words and policies deliver the same measure of push-back to the pro-drilling interests and those who say they favor research and regulation, as long as they can keep drilling in our state.

For the complete text of Krancer’s letter:

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