Energy Advisory Board Natural Gas Subcommittee Holds Public Meeting #1 in DC Today

The Energy Advisory Board Natural Gas Subcommittee on Fracking Issues didn’t foresee the flaring passions of Pennsylvanians when they convened a meeting at Jefferson College in Washington, Pa. a few weeks ago. Well, now they know, and they’ve taken the proactive step of scheduling two more, longer meetings at their DC offices. While the Committee is heavy on industry insiders, the meetings are open to the public. The first one is today, and the second will be held on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 10am. The Committee is also accepting emails and written comments. Let’s bombard them! Feel free to paste in the letter below. Take a moment to get your two cents in and you’ll be glad you did, promise. Thanks for speaking up!


or write:

Renee Stone
U.S. Department of Energy 1000 Independence Avenue
SW, Washington D.C. 20585

Dear Energy Advisory Board Natural Gas Subcommittee Member:

Pennsylvania is seeing a gas boom unchecked by any prudent plan or taxation. Our fresh water resources, rivers, lakes and streams, our state forests, our college campuses, the very air that we breathe is being threatened by pollution from a single, under-regulated industry. We need the EPA in a big way, and we need the PA DEP and other state agencies to work with the EPA, because we feel that fracking creates too big an environmental liability for any one agency to regulate it effectively.

We need our EPA Region 3 Administrator, Mr. Shawn Garvin, to take even stronger positions regardless of the PA DEP’s insistence that his team’s efforts are “redundant.” Our state leadership is dropping the ball on this crucial issue. Moderate Pennsylvanians are looking for stronger federal oversight before the Mid-Atlantic region becomes one big, thirsty disease cluster.

I’m sorry to say that Pennsylvania Republicans seem to be getting gas wrong. We absolutely need the FRAC Act today.

Thank you for your hard work on this crucial issue.

Don’t Frack With The Delaware River Watershed!

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