Republican Presidential Candidates are Cookin’ with Gas!

None of the top three Republican Presidential contenders give much credence to the science of Global Climate Change. To ignore it the way they do just seems stupid, and this sets the table for my impressions of these motley characters. I cringe watching all the coverage about the Republican Primary. I don’t disagree with everything they say, but when they speak about energy, the environment or the EPA, they all have the same under-informed, unabashedly biased voice.

Republicans for Obama?
Really? Do they exist? Yesterday, at the supermarket, I saw a Prius with a brand new bumper sticker that read: “Republicans for Obama.” According to their website, “Republicans for Obama is a grassroots organization of proud party members who all share one important trait— we are Americans first and Republicans second.” Cool. I’m a registered Democrat and even I’ve been less than supportive of our president lately. His federal advisory commission on shale gas drilling is stacked with industry insiders, and the revolving door between industry and government has never spun faster. But at least Obama believes in Climate Change!

Texas Governor Rick Perry, now notorious for calling the EPA a “jobs killer,” recently stumped at U.S. Steel Irvin Works in West Mifflin, Pa. His views on the environment really do suck, and if he were elected, he’d make George W. look like Yogi Bear. ‘Ranger Rick’ is in lockstep with The Marcellus Shale Coalition, whose Executive Board is populated by several Texas-based drillers and their subsidiaries. In other words, more Texas gentlemen like him. Personally, I think Perry’s a smart, smooth politician who’s simply toeing the Oil & Gas Industry party line.

It’s fair game for Perry to say he’d prevent future regulations from being imposed, but he misleads when he says he would clear away impediments that the industry’s own study says don’t currently exist,” states Robert Farley in his recent post, “Perry misses the facts on fracking: GOP presidential hopeful’s statement on EPA as a jobs-killer holds no water”   [Source: Fact Check, iWatch, The Center for Public Integrity.]

It’s safe to say, the chronically underfunded has EPA has not killed a single gas drilling job in Pennsylvania. If anything, if we are to have adequate shale gas regulatory oversight in Pennsylvania, they are potential employers along with our own PA Department of Environmental Protection.

Yesterday, an eight-mile high dust storm engulfed a number of cities in drought-stricken western Texas. The footage, streaming across CNN this morning, looked biblical in proportion. Maybe, rather than questioning these candidates about their position on climate change, the media should be asking men like Perry if he believes in End Times? As Pennsylvania’s Republican leadership vies for our state to become the next big shale gas producer, they’re attempting to emulate and improve on what’s happening in Texas, home of The Barnett Shale Play, the country’s second biggest shale gas reserve. The business jockeying between the two states has never been more active. Clearly, Texas wants Marcellus Shale gas in a really big way. Is it possible that Governor Corbett is out of his league?

We’ll see. Meanwhile, better shut the windows tight, it’s a dusty road ahead.

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