Support Clean Water Candidates in Pennsylvania on November 8th


A recent post on Protest Shale Gas Drilling informed me about a new Facebook page, Marcellus at the Polls. The new page is a compilation of candidate information, a consummately useful 2011 environmental voter’s guide to PA, NY, OH, and WV – the Marcellus Shale states. Click on “docs” at the top of the page to learn more about Fractivist friendly candidates in your neck of the woods. You’ll find a wealth of links, current comments and topical information. Then, be sure to exercise your franchise at the polls on Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

Protest Shale Gas Drilling is an open Facebook group offering a virtual community library of fractivist information. It’s like a firsthand feed of the Marcellus Gas Boom. Gloria Forouzan, the page’s creator, has been chronicling the impacts of fracking through her uniquely keen lens for quite a while now. She provides necessary perspective for anyone who’s removed from drilling-heavy counties but wants to understand more. Her photo is a charming wink and a nod, and I didn’t think twice when I “Liked” her page months ago. Forouzan’s Activities and Interests read like an index of water activism, and her occasional emails make sure group members don’t miss anything important. Perhaps that’s what makes this Facebook-fueled environmental revolution different from any other. It not only connects like-minded activists, it builds critical mass by aligning kindred spirits.

A Sample of Marcellus at the Polls information:
PA – Fracktivist friendly candidates By Wanda Guthrie, Pj Slomer and 3 others in Marcellus at the Polls 2011
last updated 10/30/2011
KATHRYN BOOCKVAR for Commonwealth Court
Campaign website:

DAVID WECHT (D) for Superior Court
Campaign Ad (31 seconds):
Campaign website:
Facebook page:
About the Superior Court:

LOCAL (counties, towns & cities)
STEVE  SANTARSIERO (D-31) State Representative (Bucks County)
Facebook page:
“He is not in favor of drilling in state forests or state parks. ~Paul Roden”

EUGENE DEPASQUALE (D) for Auditor General
Facebook page:
Campaign website:
Platform (specific to mentioning his stance on drilling):

[SOURCE: Candidate information cut and pasted from:]

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One Response to “Support Clean Water Candidates in Pennsylvania on November 8th”

  1. Ahmed Says:

    Why does one have to be un-bieasd about facts? Why are you so bieasd against simple caution and common sense?

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