EPA Chief Lisa P. Jackson’s Candid Views on Fracking

In case you missed it, EPA Head Lisa P. Jackson was the featured Interview on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show on November 21, 2011. She states her candid views on Fracking and the EPA’s role in regulating “the 10,000 wells.” She states how most Americans are unaware that the Clean Air and Safe Drinking Water Laws are no longer protecting them. She also decries the conservative agenda to scapegoat the EPA for the country’s economic woes, and stresses the need for more science to inform extreme energy extraction practices.

Don’t Let Pennsylvania Become a Fact-Free Zone – Support the EPA!


3 Responses to “EPA Chief Lisa P. Jackson’s Candid Views on Fracking”

  1. Remember the Susquehanna « Protecting Our Waters Says:

    […] also discovered a new interview with EPA administrator Lisa Jackson on The Rachel Maddow Show. Jackson, still soft on fracked gas, touted the “immediate benefits” of gas for […]

  2. Fracked Gas Speeds Climate Crash; Extreme Flaring Adds to Greenhouse Emissions « Protecting Our Waters Says:

    […] a recent interview with Rachel Maddow, Jackson touted the “immediate benefits” of gas for pollution and energy security. […]

  3. Adam Says:

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