Aerial Fracking Photos: Say Goodbye to Rural PA

John Trallo works for Clean Water Action. He’s a Philly guy, originally, and an accomplished musician. He now hails from Sonestown, PA where he enjoys everything from Thoreau to Elvis Costello. A teacher, tavern philosopher and self-described loose cannon, Trallo has long been opposed to Fracking. He’s been actively engaged in raising public awareness about the need to protect Pennsylvania from the numerous planned and existing shale gas pipelines, gathering lines and compressor stations. Thanks to mutual acquaintance, we became Facebook friends (he has over 600 of them). Mr. Trallo doesn’t post a lot, but when he does, it’s well worth the click. For example, this photo essay Natural Gas Industry in Central PA, In and Around the Pine Creek Valley by Bill Crowell was recently added to his wall with the single, pithy comment, “This says it all.”

Warning: This 3:42 minute montage may cause a chronic lump in your throat and/or cause you to take immediate action.

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2 Responses to “Aerial Fracking Photos: Say Goodbye to Rural PA”

  1. Lunar Euphoria Says:

    Yes. Please keep up the posts.

  2. mike buchanan Says:

    it just breaks my heart are we going to drink oil and breathe carbon monoxide when all the trees are gone and all the rivers polluted…Mike Buchanan

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