The State of Obama’s Shale Gas Policy

It’s not 10am on the East Coast, yet much has been made of President Obama’s State-of-the-Union address last night. The president not only promoted Natural Gas, he essentially gave the government credit for developing Fracking technology! OMG. If there was one line that gave me Hope…

Amer­ica will develop this resource with­out putting the health and safety of our cit­i­zens at risk.

Sooner or later, President Obama will have to recognize the fact that Fracking is already putting the safety of our citizens at risk.

Members of his cabinet know, so he’s gotta know too, right? EPA Chief Lisa Jackson is aware that the industry has polluted water supplies in Dimock, PA and Pavillion, WY. And the EPA also has data on the industry’s excessive, toxic air emissions. Clearly, both Obama and Jackson accept the need to address Climate Change. So, the real question is: does he care? Does Obama believe in the Precautionary Principle?

Hey Obama, Don’t Pass Gas!

Obama would be foolhardy to gamble with two key shale states which are swinging in the re-election balance – Pennsylvania and Ohio. He can’t truly afford to reject the chorus of environmental, religious, health, farming, tourism and other advocacy groups calling for a ban, limit or more rigorous regulation on hydraulic fracturing. We, the people, are the ones most likely to vote for him – or not – in 2012.

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