Is The EPA Tackling Fracking?

Current Drinking Water Impact Study Emphasizes “Scientific Integrity”

Many fractivists think EPA Chief Lisa Jackson isn’t doing enough to protect citizens from the environmental ravages of Fracking. Iris Bloom, Director of Protecting Our Waters, recently posted that EPA is falling short in its duty “to ensure our rights under the Pennsylvania Constitution to clean water, air, and a healthy environment.” Bloom is putting out the call to rally EPA officials to use their authority to compel Rex Energy to continue delivering replacement water to families in Butler County, whose water has become toxic since drilling began. These families have found no satisfactory recourse with the PA Department of Environmental Protection who, characteristically, insists their water is fine.

Governor Corbett and DEP Secretary Krancer have made it clear they think EPA is overstepping when it regulates Pennsylvania’s shale gas drilling. They routinely refer to EPA’s oversight actions as “duplicative” and “unnecessary.” DEP can manage just fine on its own, thank you. There’s no need for EPA to investigate why the water in Connoquenessing Township suddenly began running red, orange and gray.

Lisa Jackson’s Fracking Actions
Last year, EPA announced a congressionally mandated, comprehensive study of Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Potential Impact on Drinking Water Resources. On Monday, February 27, 2012, Jackson hosted a webinar update on this landmark research, open to any and all eager activists.  Though it is too soon to report preliminary results, she covered the study’s objectives, parameters and methodology.

Jackson emphasized the many quality control measures that will be utilized to ensure accurate reporting of data. She seemed determined to convey that EPA is preparing a batch of bullet-proof science, covering the whole hydrological issue, from water withdrawals to disinfection bi-products. Whether she will succeed at filling certain legislators willful intellectual void with her data remains to be seen.

TXSharon, fractivista extraordinaire, posted the entire 38-minute EPA Study Update Webinar on her seminal Barnett Shale blog, Bluedaze Drilling Reform. Thank you, Sharon. According to Jackson, the Webinar slides and other “living” documents will be available on EPA’s website soon. Preliminary study result are due in December, 2012.


This is what President Obama’s “all of the above” Energy Policy looks like: On February 23, 2012, Energy.Gov published this post, announcing $30 million in funding for “natural gas breakthroughs” in vehicles, and another $14 million to develop “Homegrown Transportation Fuels from Algae“:

President Obama Announces Funding for Breakthroughs in Natural Gas and Biofuels as Alternative Fuels for Vehicles

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