Introducing Fractivist Barbie™

Hulk, he’s my hero but Fractivist Barbie totally rocks! Our dear ole’  petroleum-based gal tackles Fracking fabulously, taking to the streets of Trenton, NJ to fight intrepidly for what she knows is right.

Unlike my plastic composition, the human beings I love are made of water, and rely on water for their very existence. Contaminating drinking water with known toxic chemicals for the supposed benefit of natural gas made no sense at all.”  Video uploaded by BarbieAndKenSpeakOut for

Mark Ruffalo Visits The Ed Show

Mark Ruffalo, spokesperson for and incredible Hulk! star, was a recent guest on The Ed Show with Ed Schultz on MSNBC. As Rufallo toured the country and the world to promote his new film, he actively spoke out about the dangers of hydro-fracking. When Schultz asked him what he would tell President Obama, who seems to have recently boarded an NG powered train, Ruffalo candidly states:

I want them to think before they jump. Right now, what we’re doing with WaterDefense is we’re starting an education campaign. and it’s a people-powered education campaign. What we can’t forget, as a people, is that when we see ExxonMobile playing their ‘fracking is the greatest thing since asbestos’ ads, we’ve got to remember that it’s an ad, that we’re being sold … Our own Energy Department came out the day after Obama’s State-of-the-Union and said, there isn’t 100 years of gas in this country, there’s 20 years of gas at the current levels we’re using it. It’s going to cost $700 billion to change our infrastructure from the coal burning power plants to natural gas. It’s a bridge fuel to nowhere. If we’re investing in fossil fuels, it’s an investment that’s takingus nowhere. we have the technology right now, you’re seeing it with the Volt, with Teslas, with the innovations that are happening in the water,air, and sun. We can be moved to renewable energy in this country by 2030.

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