Vote Pro-Earth in The PA Primaries – Tues 4/24

Don’t Forget to Vote on Tuesday!

Here’s the list of pro-Earth candidates we need to support. They have vowed to stand firm against the gas industry in PA. Democrats, one and all!

For the most current list, please visit List is courtesy of Julie Morrash Muskauski via Marcellus at the Polls. Read more at

  • US Senator: Bob Casey, Jr. [D]
  • Attorney General: Patrick Murphy [D]
  • Auditor General: Eugene DePasquale [D]
  • Congress 10 District: Phil Scollo [D[ running against Tom Marino
  • Senator 23 District: Luana Cleveland [D] running against Gene Yaw
  • State Rep in the 110th (D): write-in John Trallo [D] running against Tina Pickett
  • State Rep in the 84th District (D): write-in Kristen Hayes-Yearick [D] running against Garth Everett
  • State Rep in the 117th District: write-in Mark “Duke-from Dallas” Barrett [D]
  • County Committee, Davidson Twp.: write-in John Trallo [D]
  • Gene Stilip 11th Congressional District Running against T Vinsko
  • Matt Cartwright 17th Congressional District running against Tim Holden
  • Bill Bispels 187th  District running against Gary Day)

For the most current list, please visit



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One Response to “Vote Pro-Earth in The PA Primaries – Tues 4/24”

  1. Julie A. Edgar Says:

    Bill Bispels is missing from your list. He’s an anti-fracking candidate in the 187th (currently held by Gary Day). The district straddles Berks and Lehigh counties. His opponent announced that he doesn’t consider the environment to be a priority. Marcellus at the Polls has included Bill on it’s list of candidates to support.

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