Protect Chester County Streams!

Marcellus Gas Pipeline To Cut Across Wyeth Country

Think Marcellus Shale Gas pollution won’t come to Southeastern PA? Think again.

UPDATE: “State Extends Comment Period for Gas Pipeline Plan” by Sara Mosqueda-Fernandez in The Daily Local News, June 3, 2012

Clean Water Action has recently raised the alarm to protect Chester County, PA from a natural gas pipeline project which would cause devastation to streams, wetlands and ecosystems. The public comment period for this pipeline is ridiculously short. It ends on June 4, 2012.


Land fragmentation is a serious threat, yet so is danger of pipeline leaks and explosions. Compressor stations, which are required to move the gas through the pipelines, create untold air pollution hazards. Join Clean Water Action in opposing this assault on one of Pennsylvania’s most scenic and historic regions:

Williams/Transco has proposed to lay a new 42inch pipeline over 2,200 feet of Chester County.  Williams/Transco’s proposal to lay this pipeline is using the cheapest approach while putting the Chester County’s streams at risk.  They are also hoping to fast track the process by giving the public only until June 4 to comment.

State Senators Andy Dinniman and John Rafferty have taken a strong position against the fast tracking of this plan. Join them by writing to DEP now.

We are requesting that DEP postpone the public comment period for an additional 90 days and to schedule a public hearing to give the local community a chance to have their voices heard.

Clean Water Action has written a letter to the PA DEP, which you can sign here.


Regional Director Joe Feola, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Zahra Nuccie, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Dominic Rocco, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
As a resident of Pennsylvania and Clean Water Action member I am writing to ask that the public comment period for the Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company’s (Transco) submittal to amend E15-780 and NPDES permit no. PA 101-1508054A be extended 90 days. Currently, the public comment period is set to end on June 4.  This does not give the community enough time to review and give input on this project which is set to lay a new 42 inch pipeline over 2,200 feet with multiple stream crossings in the E. Caln and E. Brandywine Creeks. I am also writing to request that DEP schedule a public hearing, during the comment period, in the evening on a weekday, near the proposed site of the pipeline, to give the local community a chance to testify and submit written comments.
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[UPDATE] May 31, 2012 from Brady Russell, Clean Water Action via Rebecca Rotor…
“DEP just announced there would be a hearing and the public comment period would go longer for this project. We could still use letters to go in saying that the pipeline shouldn’t be expanded, though. “

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    Protect Chester County Streams! | Keep Tap Water Safe

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