Pennsylvania’s Fracking Governor

What Did The Delaware River Ever Do To Tommy Corbett?

PA Governor Tom Corbett wants to drill the iconic Delaware River Watershed… Y’know, the river George Washington crossed to win American independence, the river that currently sustains 15.6 million people and countless species, the river that already generates $22 BILLION for the Pennsylvania economy each year, according to the University of Delaware. Our guv’na is the poster child for greed, corruption and neo-con ignorance. He looks (and acts) like a stupid frat boy, yet when it comes to shale gas, he’s devious as all hell. It’s like he’s date-raping every river, meadow, forest and mountain in the state.

Tim Darragh gets us up-to-speed on the behind the scenes machinations of Patrick Henderson, Corbett’s state-funded Energy Executive, in Pennsylvania Lobbying for DRBC Fracking Rules in The Allentown Morning Call:

“‘That’s been a frustration since the November meeting was canceled,” said Corbett spokesman Patrick Henderson. ‘We have been having discussions with the DRBC staff as recently as this week’ “

No doubt, the PA pro-gas lobby, which has become synonymous with the Corbett administration, is also supplying “Dog Tail” Delaware, New Jersey and The Army Corps with copious reams of “information,” otherwise known as Industry Propaganda.

“Pennsylvania officials also have been reaching out to colleagues in New Jersey and Delaware to ‘answer any technical questions they have,’ Henderson said. ‘It’s simply a matter of raising their comfort level and getting the three votes that we need‘ to adopt the DRBC regulations.”

Corbett has just passed a voter ID law which would restrict our right to vote as many legitimately registered voters will not have (or be able to afford) the proper credentials. He is currently slashing funding to Education (again). Public Schools are closing across the state, especially in Philadelphia. Corbett has choked off funding to inner-city and urban district schools where the population tends to be more liberal than the rest of the state. He’d also like to kill The Keystone Fund which protects and maintains state parks, and he no longer wants to protect heritage farmland, either. He’s cutting successful environmental programs like Growing Greener, solar and wind, while giving enormous tax breaks to Shell to build their filthy Ethane Cracker here. The laws he likes are written by ALEC.

I know there’s little we can do until we get this Fracker out of office, and we must get him out of office. I simply want to the world to know what we’re dealing with here.

Join the Sierra Club in telling the Pennsylvania Utility Commission to Keep PA’s Energy Efficiency Programs Strong!

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One Response to “Pennsylvania’s Fracking Governor”

  1. Audrey Gozdiskowski Says:

    It can’t be soon enough to get him out of office!
    I’m tired of paying him with my tax money to work for the industry!!

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