Gas, Lies & Videotape

Wanna see a gas industry executive lying like a dirty rug to an understandably concerned citizen at public Zoning Board meeting in Pennsylvania? Watch.

Shouldn’t have any in it,” drones Chief Gathering’s expert witness, an employee whose name is not readily apparent, in response to questions about specific toxins from a resident concerned about the air impacts of a newly permitted Glycol Dehydration Unit near her home in Monroe Township. She wanted to know if Chief’s new unit would emit benzene, toluene or formaldehyde. He said the station will emit only methane. She also asked if the emissions would affect her children’s asthma. She was told, simply, “I don’t believe it does.

Something smelled off to Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition Luzerne County, who picked up on Chief’s misinformation right away. They submitted data, along with the gas guy’s testimony, to two highly regarded experts seeking their take on this brand of bullshit from industry boots on the ground. GDACLucerne then posted the responses with the video on YouTube. It’s footage like this that makes the gas industry wince, and want to ban citizens from videotaping public township meetings.

From GDACLuzerne:  This sounded wrong considering the research I’ve done on these facilities, so I did a file review (which the DEP wants to do away with) and sent the information to two experts. Here’s what they told me in regards to the expert testimony of the Chief employee under oath:

Matt Walker, Clean Air Council
“These are some photos that Scott took at DEP’s office — the tables show that not only methane would be emitted from the facility. This was a lie. This facility would emit quite a bit less than a compressor station would (which also usually include dehydrators), but keep in mind that recent research shows that low-level exposure to VOCs can be more damaging than higher levels, and that all emissions from this type of equipment add up fast. This is one facility among many that already exist or are projected for the area.”

Wilma Subra
I reviewed the information you provided. The permit limit allows VOC in the amount to 2 grams per bhp per hour. The overall permit limit for VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals) in the permit is 10 tons per year. This is from the glycol dehydrators. The VOCs consist of benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, as well as a large number of other volatile compounds. The VOC emissions are described as total uncontrolled potential emissions rate of VOC must not exceed 10 tons/year.
The statement that no benzene or toluene will be present in the emissions is not correct.

No NIMBYs Allowed!

Haven’t we become so stupid that we watch the commercial and think, huh, they wouldn’t lie to us. Haven’t we dumbed ourselves down to that point? asks Mike Papantonio of, concluding his dense interview with Mike Ludwig of on a lighter note.

Uploaded by golefttv:  The fracking industry is one of the most secretive and deceptive industries in the country. They’ve managed to operate with little to no oversight from the federal government, and they’ve kept their secret fracking formulas from being revealed to the public, even though the chemicals they’re using are leaching into groundwater supplies and poisoning men, women, and children. Mike Papantonio talks about how the fracking industry is accomplishing all of this with Mike Ludwig, a reporter for Papantonio is a guest host on MSNBC’s The Ed Schultz Show.

Want to learn more? Gasland Director Josh Fox on His New Film, Gas Industry Lies and Government Collusion by Christine Shearer, also on, tells the story of one PR Firm’s ability to dupe the general public about shale gas extraction, much as they did for the cigarette industry decades ago.

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