Drill, Baby, Drill?

Not In Anyone’s Backyward!

Health is the Number One Concern of people opposed to fracking. If you have concerns about the potential adverse health effects resulting from unconventional gas extraction, visit The Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project at environmentalhealthproject.org for valuable tips and clinic information. Read more about this landmark project in Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project To Address Fracking Health Concerns from the Associated Press via HuffPost Green.

The Delaware Riverkeeper Invites You To Stop The Frack Attack!

Why care about the adverse environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing? Because, according to Maya van Rossum, The Delaware Riverkeeper, “the out-of-control practice of gas extraction” has “gutted the land, ruined the water and forced people out of their homes.”

Massive Rally on the Mall, Washington DC 

Saturday, July 28, 2012  ~  StopTheFrackAttack.org

Pink Skies & Industry Lies

Filmmaker Josh Fox “apparently couldn’t wait until Gasland 2 gets released to take aim at New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s plans for fracking in the Empire State,” according to at Mat McDermott in The Sky Is Pink: There’s No Safe Cigarette, There’s No Safe Fracking at treehugger.com.

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5 Responses to “Drill, Baby, Drill?”

  1. Sasha Ashikhmina Says:

    oh my, I’ve got a lot to say about this…first of all – I wish people did their research.
    1. Fracking is not “out-of-control” but a very well regulated process where it takes about 2 years just to get a permit
    2. pre and post water drilling have been implemented in nearly every state to prove to citizens that fracking does not cause methane migration or any other dangers. Landowners themselves refuse to get their wells tested because then they can’t sue anyone.
    3. it uses about 50 times (if not more) less water than agriculture
    4. Josh Fox should be sued for making wrong accusations. of course he is easy to believe, he is a simple man “fighting for simple people”…give me a break, he made so much money on it now it’s ridiculous.
    5. my friends who have worked decades on the oil fields are now being threatened by environmentalists who say they will blow up rigs if fracking doesn’t stop. this is terrorism…
    6. even the former Greenpeace CEo said that fracking is safe if done correctly and it is indeed the future unless you are fine living with no electricity, gas and drive huge trucks.

    sorry for being so aggressive about it – I have worked in the industry for nearly two years now as an independent researcher and have never seen a more ignorant approach to demonstrating against something…

  2. Liz Rosenbaum Says:

    Honey, I don’t know where you’re fracking, but it takes an average of 32 minutes to get a drilling permit in Pennsylvania. Methane is spontaneously erupting in Tioga County. Water is undrinkable in three more counties. We can live without gas, not without food. Josh Fox won a Golden Globe, and was nominated for an Academy Award. No true environmentalist would ever blow anything up, but it seems like your buddies in the gasfields do an adequate job of spilling, crashing and exploding stuff all by themselves.

    I won’t debate the safety of fracking with you, it’s clear we won’t see eye to eye, but I will say we have no business fracking in watersheds. Better safe than sorry, yes? Thanks for the comment.

  3. Alma Hasse Says:

    Liz, EXCELLENT response! I have only one additional comment. Industry = “independent researcher” what an oxymoron!

  4. Sasha Ashikhmina Says:

    that means I’m working for an independent company employed by various agencies: government, landowners, oil companies (which are all part of the industry) to do research not on their behalf but as requested by someone else…otherwise nobody would have ever believed what one party has to say so I’m not sure what your oxymoron means in this case…the amount of times I was told I’m doing “devil’s” work is incredible, I wish more people did this research to understand how wrong some people are…

  5. Judy Muskauski Says:

    I also do plenty of research (unpaid and on my own time) and have been learning the facts, as well as the corruption involved in the fracking Industry and process, for two years as well.
    Fracking can not be done safely! There are too many studies that support this “opinion” to even suggest otherwise.
    It’s all about the greed of the Industry and the buying of political figures to stuff ALL of their pocket$…..including their paid researchers.

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