Get The Truth From SkyTruth

Environmental incidents such as unconventional gas drilling accidents – or fraccidents – must be reported, wherever they occur.  SkyTruth is a whiz-bang non-profit based in West Virginia. Their team uses remote sensing and digital mapping technologies to combine environmental protection with environmental awareness. Their motto: “As soon as WE know – YOU know.” 

SkyTruth‘s goal is “to motivate and empower new constituencies for environmental protection… SkyTruth envisions a world where all people can see and understand the environmental consequences of human activity everywhere on the earth, and are motivated to take action to protect the environment.”

SkyTruth also provides a valuable Alert System, “a free service open to the public that provides daily updates of environmentally significant incidents by geographical area. You can browse the most recent incident reports on a map or in Google Earth, and you can also subscribe to a personalized feed of incident reports via RSS or email. The alert feed currently contains reports generated from ongoing SkyTruth investigations, combined with selected reports from the the National Response Center that have been processed by SkyTruth’s automated expert system to clean up problem data and add additional SkyTruth commentary and analysis.”

Check out the amazing work of SKYTRUTH at

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