It’s Always OUTRAGE-ous In Philadelphia

Protests against unconventional shale gas drilling have been popping up across the United Shale Shocked States of late, and the global List of Fracking Bans and Moratorium, curated by the incomparable Johnny Lineham at Fracking Hell (UK), has grown so long it speaks for itself. More citizens in more countries are demanding serious study of the impacts of unconventional gas production on human health and climate change. Is it a coincidence that the public’s interest in renewables has also been renewed? Given than many of the bans and moratorium are in the US, it’s safe to say most Americans expect an equally high level of environmental accountability from elected officials.

Shale Gas OutrageSeptember 20, 2012 at Noon

In front of the Convention Center, 13th & Arch Sts., Philadelphia, PA (19107)

Hyperbolic Hippies On The March?

Anti-Fracking Activists will go “toe-to-toe” with gas industry executives who will be present at The Marcellus Shale Coalition‘s second annual Shale Gas Insight conference, held on the very same day. As Protecting Our Waters, the Shale Gas Outrage host organization, states: “Industry will be rubbing elbows with some of our elected officials, their sights set on expanding toxic fracking throughout our region. Their ‘greenwashing’ doesn’t fool anyone: we’ve seen the damage, and even with a few new regulations, the damage is escalating out of control.” 

According to lead organizer, Liz Arnold, the POWer Protectors have been “slammed in the most wonderful way.

Join the largest anti-fracking coalition yet, comprised of leading environmental, civic, health and religious organizations, for an informative and inspiring afternoon, standing up for a “clean environment, healthy communities, and true renewable energy solutions.”

If the speaker line-up is any indication, the Philly rally promises to be the most energetic yet. Certainly, the global media will be focused on our city, if not the national lamestream. Heads will be counted too, no doubt, and you can bet Energy In Depth will dispute the numbers. It’s merely a distraction, according to Wendy “Best Not To Call Me An Elderly Hippie” Lee.

Far more impressive is the number and caliber of  Shale Gas Outrage speakers.

Bill McKibben, scholar and author of The End of Nature is scheduled to speak at the Main Rally (12 – 2)

He’ll be joined by Sandra Steingraber, Josh Fox, Wenonah HauterStewart Acuff, Stephen Cleghorn, Maya Van Rossum and Doug Shields.

In Center City, find out what all this “fragging” is about. It’s gonna be big, and loud, and friendly. Contrary to right-wing accusations that fractivists are a bunch of hyperbolic hippies (who are somehow, simultaneously, a serious threat to national security), water activists tend to be a pleasant, peaceful lot.

Fractivists in Watkins Glenn, New York on September 6, 2012. Love the tee: “We’re Citizens Not Subjects

Need a ride? Visit the Shale Gas Outrage website or Facebook Page for information.

Can’t be there? Be present with this vital issue, nevertheless. Chip in to safeguard clean water in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania! Every penny helps keep watersheds safe, and communities whole. With thanks!

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