Worldwide Fracking Smackdown!

England, Canada, United States, Ireland, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, South Africa… On Saturday, September 22, 2012, energetic yet peaceful protests sprouted up around the globe as many thousands gathered to demonstrate their concern over fracking for shale gas.

Images of The Global Frackdown from nearly every continent depict the growing outrage over this dangerous and polluting form of extreme fossil fuel extraction. They’ve been gloriously collected on the Global Frackdown facebook page.

According to in Thousands Rally Around The World To Ban Fracking:  “Major actions overseas included a rally on the steps of the European Parliament; demonstrations in front of Parliament buildings in South Africa, Bulgaria and the Czech republic; marches in Argentina; grassroots activities in Paris and the south of France, and screenings of the film Gasland in Spain.”

“One for all and all for one … “

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Postcards From Frack Town

It’s inspirational, and validating, to know how many people share a deep concern for clear air, land and water. It is no exaggeration to say that fracking is the single largest pollution threat to the water supply, air quality and foodshed, and I am extremely grateful to see this movement growing exponentially. Organized by Food & Water Watch, the list of Global Frackdown endorsing organizations is a long one. On social media, no one has captured the spirit and energy of the movement better than Helen Birtwistle, a fellow fractivist, unparalleled fb poster and cheerleader.

Helen Birtwistle
Google… Global Frackdown news… and you get 54,400 results!! Every action was peaceful and respectful. People standing together calling for a cleaner better future. Keep the momentum rolling share news and photos.
Inchka de Muiter
In Denmark we ´celebrated´ Global Frackdown in the local school in the town Dybvad, 2 km away from the place they want to start fracking soon. The school held a big party inviting all its pupils from the last 50 years, and we were there (3 of us) handing out information and talking to locals. Many were concerned and supported us. Antifracking campaign in Denmark is starting to bear fruits … Thumbs up !!
The Raging Grannies Tell It Like It Is…
Today, Shale Gas Outrage. Keep these crowd shots in mind when the frackers’ EID starts posting about how 3 people showed up…

The world is catching on to what a bad deal fracking is.

Philadelphia, PA.

Marcellus drillers launch campaign to repair image in Philadelphia area. The Marcellus Shale Coalition on Friday launched what it called a major effort to reach out to residents of the Philadelphia area to educate them about Pennsylvania’s natural-gas boom.The campaign, called Learn About Shale, is an attempt by the trade group to repair the industry’s damaged reputation in Southeastern Pennsylvania, where the economic benefits of gas development are more indirectly felt than in areas of northern and Western Pennsylvania, where drilling is taking place.
The effort was announced on the final day of the coalition’s three-day Shale Gas Insight conference, where participants were met Friday morning by about three dozen drumbeating protesters as they entered the Convention Center.Police pushed the protesters behind barriers to clear the entrance, and the demonstrators dispersed after about a half hour.On the picture:::Attendees of the Shale Gas Insight Conference watch the protesters on Arch Street outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center Thursday, September 20, 2012.
Gassers Laugh It Up (While They Can)
Philadelphia Convention Center, September 20, 2012
In the North of Spain, Aguilar de Campoo, yesterday, saturday 22, we informed our neighbours about Fracking…..
Local children do an art piece to illustrate before and after if fracking allowed in their nationarul resources of scenery. Love Leitrim Global Frackdown
On The Radar, So Far…
Traditional media coverage of this global day of protest continues to emerge, yet here are a few links to get you going. Ban Fracking Now!
Gas Drilling Protests Held in US, Other Countries, Associated Press via
“Frackdown?” Environmental Activists Protest Gas Drilling, by Matt Pearce, The LA Times
Small Protest Groups Take Part In Global Frackdown,

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