VOTE Pro-Earth, Pro-Pennsylvania

Where Do Our Candidates Stand On The Important Environmental Issues Facing Pennsylvania?

If you’re interested in supporting eco-friendly candidates in Pennsylvania, you might need more information about their voting records, endorsements, contributors and, of course, their campaign promises. And you’ll want to be sure to exercise your franchise on Tuesday, November 6th.

It’s Time To Mother Earth

Visit Marcellus At The Polls to learn where your candidates stand on issues related to shale gas drilling. A note from Marcellus at The Polls:   It’s an all-volunteer effort. We have information on candidates running in PA who are ‘fracktivist friendly’. They are running for various offices, they are of varying political parties. We list the ones who have made strong statements against the wanton fracking of PA. We’re all volunteers & accept no $ from anyone/any political party/PAC.  

Who Got What 

Campaign contributions from the Oil & Gas Industry to Pennsylvania Politicians are tallied up at

You’ll find environmentally conscious candidates, and locate your polling place, in the Sierra Club Pennsylvania 2012 Voters Guideand the Sierra Club National 2012 Voters Guide

Learn who’s endorsed by Progressives, in The Pennsylvania Progressive Voters Guide


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One Response to “VOTE Pro-Earth, Pro-Pennsylvania”

  1. Liz Rosenbaum Says:

    via Liz Forrest on facebook: “I don’t think this helps much, Liz. I just went to this site and clicked on Keystone Progressives which is shown to be endorsing in Monroe County two of the proponents of Act 13 and the architects of $800M cuts to education. My race in the 189 is ignored although I am endorsed by Conservation Voters of PA, Sierra Club NEPA, Democracy for America, Progressive Majority, Planned Parent (okay, you want to see the whole shebang, go to I realize this is Frack Free Philadelphia, but a lot of NEPA people see this.”

    Home Page – Liz Forrest for State Representative


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