PA Fossil-Free Digest – AntiGas NewsClips

Another Wild Week in Fracking… 

The true story of the Marcellus Shale Gas Boom is stranger than fiction, full of polemic twists, shocking revelations and methane geysers. Here, an aggregation of the aggravation caused by the gas industry in Pennsylvania in the past week alone. Look out, David Hess, I’ve been taking notes.

AntiGas NewsClips  –  Friday, November 16, 2012:   

“Krancergate” Breaks

DEP Employee Says Agency Withholds Water Contamination Information from Residents

Pennsylvania groups demand disclosure of fracking contaminants; confront PA DEP  

Enviros Demand Pa. Gov. Release Full Fracking Water Tests

Corbett asked to revise reporting on Pennsylvania well water

Anti-Fracking Groups Demand Release of PA Water Test Results

Krancer-Gate: Organizations Demand PA-DEP Reveal all Data from Water Tests.

Letter from 26 Pennsylvania Groups Demands PA DEP Stop Betraying Public Trust; Disclose Fracking Contaminants

Environmental Groups Demand Reform for PA DEP

Special Comment: PA DEP Should Release All Results For Any Substance Tested

Public deserves full testing data

PetitionTell the Department of Justice: Investigate Pennsylvania’s coverup of fracking water contamination

DEP Announces Sweeping New Disclaimer

AP: Pa. DEP adds disclaimer to gas drilling data site

Editorial: Department of Error Propagation

Studies Released, But Not As Fast As Toxins

New Report Reveals Dangers of Fracking in Watersheds with Reservoirs

Air Pollution and Natural Gas Operations

Lack of partners holds up EPA study on fracking, water wells

More scientific research of ‘fracking’ urged in Pennsylvania

Editorial: Water report badly needed re: gas boom

Shale Gas Bubble Bursting: Report Debunks “100 Years” Claim for Domestic Unconventional Oil and Gas

Fractured Communities

Potesters Oppose Drilling In Pennsylvania

Former shale gas foe makes a deal to allow drilling on her historic farm

Pa. Farmer Bans Fracking on Land through 1st-of-its-Kind Conservation Easement

Frack U.:  Slippery Rock may lease land for drilling rights

Pipe Dreams and Nightmares:  Natural gas pipline to cross through Montour County

Overturning Act 13:  Fracking Industry Cited By Prominent Medical Journal For Infringing Upon Patient–Physician Relationship

Watching Bird Watchers:  Audubon Society of Western Pa. weighs whether to lease land for gas drilling

Powerful New Anti-Fracking Technology Unveiled

SkyTruth Releases Fracking Chemical Database

Nationwide data on fracking chemical use finally available to public and researchers

Fracking Chemical Disclosure Database Provides New Tool In Fight Against Fracking

SkyTruth Aggregates FracFocus Data

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