Cleaner Burning Explosions?

The “Cleaner Burning Fuel” Blows

On Friday evening, a strip club in Springfield, Massachusetts exploded. Thankfully, no one was killed though several people were injured.

According to 22News in Springfield, “Glass flew everywhere…” Unbelievably, the explosion was captured on video:

Did you know there is a city or town named “Springfield” in every one of the fifty United States? The Simpsons live in Springfield, too. And it turns out, the more natural gas is used in buildings, offices and homes, the more likely you are to find a gas leak or explosion in a Springfield near you.  

If we’re gonna have this gas – and we’re having it – then shouldn’t we aggregate the usage along with the risks? One can hardly object to retiring aging coal-fired electrical plants, and as much as I hate to see them converted to natural gas, I prefer them to the ticking time bomb that is a web of a gazillion gas mains boobie-trapping our cities, towns and neighborhoods. The original problem will still exist, however, because whether there’s five or a hundred years of shale gas to burn, it isn’t Sustainable.

I searched “natural gas explosions” and found this incredible link:  “This Week in Natural Gas Explosions

Carefully compiled by, this weekly post delivers journalistic coverage and a comprehensive set of links to news of natural gas explosions and related incidents across the country. They don’t claim to cover them all. According to Natural Gas Watch (NGW): “Google the words ‘natural gas explosion’ and you get well over 2.2 million hits – that’s because natural gas explosions seem to be occurring with disturbing regularity in this country.”

“Indeed, there are more than 5,000 miles of natural gas pipeline beneath the streets, homes and buildings of New York City and according to public records, a significant portion of that underground pipeline is made of aging cast iron that’s prone to leak. Indeed, hundreds of miles of this pipeline are at least 100 years old and some of it even dates back to 1889.”

The question,” NGW fears,“Is not if a natural gas explosion of similar magnitude could happen in New York City or some other major American urban center, it’s when.

Writer, fjgallagher ask that readers “bear in mind, this round-up of natural gas leaks and explosions is not meant to be comprehensive, merely representative.”


It is heartbreaking to examine the damage the Gas Industry wreaks. May the victims of these horrific accidents, and those who were injured, must not be forgotten. These recent tragic gas explosions demand honest societal reflection.

San Bruno, California

San Bruno Pipeline Explosion: ‘A failure of the entire system’ – Federal panel’s report blames PG&E for last year’s deadly gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, but other agencies come in for criticism too.

The Fallout From San Bruno Natural Gas Explosion Continues

Allentown, PA

5 dead after massive Pa. gas blast

“A thunderous gas explosion devastated a rowhouse neighborhood, killing five people, and suspicion fell on an 83-year-old cast-iron gas main. The fiery blast was latest natural-gas disaster to raise questions about the safety of the nation’s aging, 2.5-million-mile network of gas and liquid pipelines.”

Northeast Philadelphia, PA

Blast Probe Focuses on Recent Repair

“A gas main explosion in a Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood killed one person on Tuesday and injured five others, after a 50-foot fireball leaped into the sky and forced dozens of residents from their homes. Fire dispatchers received a report of a gas and water main break in the Tacony neighborhood at 7.19 pm. The blast occurred a little over an hour later, as officials were inspecting the house.”

Detroit, MI

Two missing following gas explosion at Detroit furniture store

Denver, CO

1 dead, 3 hurt in natural gas well explosion near Fort Lupton

Indianapolis, IN

Police: Gas released into Indy home that exploded

The recent explosion in an Indianapolis neighborhood, appears to have been intentionally set. It is now a criminal investigation.

Metro New York and New Jersey:

This Week In Natural Gas Explosions – Special Hurricane Sandy Edition

Gas Explosion Destroys 8 Homes In Sandy-Ravaged Area

Flooding, Destruction in New York, NJ

CNN in Barnegat Bay, NJ  –  “You Can Smell The Gas Leaks”


Here’s but a sample of recent gas explosions not covered on CNN yet gathering ubiquitous headlines across the country nevertheless. One would think the mere increase of explosions would be newsworthy in and of itself.  Compiled by

Explosion Blows Home to Pieces Near Denver


Homes Damaged In Lehigh County Gas Explosion


Gas leak causes N.Y. house explosion


Gas well still leaking 48 hours after explosion


Small gas leak forces evacuation of Nampa school


Natural Gas Compressor Station Explodes in Pennsylvania


AP: Explosion at natural gas compressor station


Gas leak caused home explosion; victims remain in guarded condition


Gas leak caused Fillmore Street fire


Photos: Natural gas explosion destroys Castle Rock home, sends 5 to hospital


Gas had been shut off to Marlborough house months before blast


House Explodes – A family picks up the pieces after their home explodes.


Massive Mount Soledad house fire caused by natural gas explosion


Gas Explosion Completely Destroys House In Ceres


Three injured in gas well blast


Four burned in Lost Cabin gas plant flash fire


Explosion in Orange building leaves 2 people seriously injured


Day care evacuated for gas leak near Jesup


Emergency crews respond to gas leak near Marietta at the Texas Eastern junction building


Burned resident says, ‘We lost everything.’


Explosion in Orange building leaves 2 people seriously injured


Natural gas leak forces evacuations in SLC


Gas leak forces evacuation of downtown building


Natural gas explosion in Jim Wells County shoots flames high in the air


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