Range Gets ‘Creative’ With Water Tests; When Pipelines Fail; A Mother’s Work & More

Got Frack? (We all do.) Get caught up on the Gas issues bounding around this week:

  • Deny Deny… Range’s Resourcefulness

In Range Resources Accused Of Water Test Tampering Dory Hippauf explains how Range isn’t such a great neighbor after all.

“According to Rende’s logic, it is the plaintiff’s own fault for believing the Range Resource test report was accurate and truthful.  Does this mean Rende is also saying Range Resources is not to be trusted?”

  • The Must-Read

Mother Jones: The Surprising Connection Between Food and Fracking

“As they fight the expansion of fracking and push for tighter regulations on it, concerned citizens can count on an opponent nearly as powerful and monied as Big Oil: Big Ag…” 

  • League Of Women Worriers? 
PA League of Women Voters published Pipelines in Pennsylvania: A Case Study of Lycoming Countya 65-page, photo rich eye-opener about the very specific impacts of developing vast webs of gas pipelines across a single county, slicing up communities.  
  • Dear Cuomo,  Too Many Clues, Too Few Answers. 

Health Experts and PA Victims Tell NY to Hold Fracking Off While Health Questions Remain Unanswered

NRDC blogger Kate Sinding maintains that while “Vast uncertainty still surrounds the fracking-health connection” NY Governor Cuomo must ask, “Do we know enough about what is going wrong in Pennsylvania and elsewhere?

“A group people who live (or, in one case, used to live) in heavily fracked parts of Pennsylvania paid a visit to Albany today to share their stories and to urge Governor Cuomo not to allow new fracking in New York State while serious questions remain as to the causes of health problems being reported across their state.”

  • The Mother’s Project

Angela Monti Fox leads a “global coalition of mothers united on behalf of our most vulnerable citizens, the childrenwho can’t vote or shape public policy, but who are at greatest risk of harm from all the contaminants unleashed throughout the process of extracting, transporting and burning fossil fuels.”

Interview With Angela Monti Fox, Founder Of The Mother’s Project, posted on January 29, 2013 by Kerry Trueman.

  • In Case You Missed It: Pipelines Stink
When High-Pressure Pipelines Fail…  

Uploaded to Facebook, June 9, 2012:  The rupture appears to have “spewed out more than 475,000 litres of oil.
via fb share by Jim HarrisStop The Constitution PipelineThanks, Jim.

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