Fracked In The Head

Funny how Exxon owns half the world but they still can’t control the conversation about fracking. Shale gas producers leave themselves wide open. They persist in underestimating the intelligence of average consumers, and we can’t help but ridicule them in return. Of course, there was Chevron’s infamous pizza party after a fatal well explosion in Pennsylvania, and last week the fracking industry attempted to throw itself a 65th birthday party. Never mind that it was low volume, vertical fracking which was invented decades ago, and that high-volume horizontal hydraulic slickwater fracturing wasn’t developed until 2003. “Happy 11th!” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Here’s another history of fracking, one this behemoth industry doesn’t particularly want told, let alone illustrated by some of the country’s wildest minds. The pen is mightier still, thank heaven, and naturally the ink is fossil free. cartoon-by-ron-tandberg 156594_10151098847908806_871661385_n 178FUNcartoon   BQYNfdJCYAE4TpJ.jpg-large unnatural-gas BIUVggACYAEmAP4.jpg-large BQr1EGCCMAE-_Aw.jpg-large 283614_4359239224421_1315121391_n fracking New York Times article c_09242009_520 fracking cocktail 1655982_10152282167363838_260856990_n EmpireWire20101130a solar_cartoon Fracking-380x252 health-beauty-oven-gas-fuel-bum-buttock-ksmn1284l.jpg BOLECLoCYAAyGDQ.jpg-large Be6iJPICMAA41lp.jpg-large

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