Exercise Your Franchise!

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Politically, Pennsylvania is in a race to the bottom.

On one hand, we have incumbent Governor Tom Corbett [R], the devious idiot who has been giving away the farm, both literally and figuratively, to Marcellus shale drilling special interests, to whom he is totally beholden.

Corbett is not only the most reviled governor in the nation, he’s also the highest paid. And that’s on top of all that gas funding. Little wonder democratic challenger Tom Wolf is trouncing “One Term Tommy” in the polls, yet it’s been decades since anyone has unseated an incumbent Republican governor in Pennsylvania, and no one is willing to call this race just yet. In the end, it could all come down to voter turnout.

So be sure to vote, please, for anyone but Corbett.

Wolf is the likely successor to the governor’s mansion, and when he arrives, the tax `n frack will undoubtedly begin. It won’t help save Pennsylvania forests, nor our farmland or precious watersheds, but it will enable state democrats to disregard the overwhelming appeal (and their own party’s resolution) to ban new drilling permits in Pennsylvania. It would seem, according to Wolf’s own ads, that he is a businessman first and foremost. That leaves me more than a little concerned about how Governor Wolf would handle, say, the proliferation dangerous gas liquids pipelines across the state, especially in and around the densely populated Philadelphia region.

If the Wolf era promises to be an improvement over the last four years, it’s only because it is difficult to imagine our state governance being any worse, or any more threatening to our environment.

No election is preordained, much as special interests and lobbyists would have us believe. Surprises are inevitable on Election Night in America. Like calories burned, every vote counts. So go VOTE on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. You’ll feel great. 1544583_514843365292128_6651455565138127032_n

For more information about the candidates and their voting records on environmental issues:

Food and Water Watch: Pennsylvania Voters Against Fracking

Pennsylvania Voters Against Fracking is on Facebook and on Twitter @StopFrackingPA


Clean Water Action 2013 – 2014 – Pennslyvania Environmental Scorecard Clean Water Action: Electing Pro-Environment Candidates


Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter:  Complete List of Candidate Endorsements – November 2014  Sierra Club Southeastern Group: November 2014 Election Complete List of State and US Endorsements



Smell gas? Every donor, to both Corbett and Wolf, is a major energy interest. Chart: Energy contributions to Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidates, PowerSource, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 28, 2014.

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