Cocksure: Pro-Fracking Page Cleans Up Act, Remains Obnoxious

The formerly vile and offensive Texas gasfield worker Facebook page, FracPridereceived a Public Relations overhaul in recent weeks. Now it’s just offensive.

You’ve got to hand it to the young men and women who work on shale gas rigs. They’re tough and they know how to innovate. Ever since Rachel Maddow displayed the image of a truck javelined by steel rigging on a frack pad in Hemp-Hill County, Texas – a photo that originated on this now infamous page – those guys have really tried to improve the image they project. Gone are photos of mangled equipment and crude pranks. Now, it’s all sunsets, shiny trucks and sweet, little faces, with only a whiff of its former misogyny.  

Nearly all the posts at the top of the revamped page appeared in April, after the Maddow piece aired in late March. There is this little gem of a frack-up, but obviously they’ve learned that their bosses don’t want hardcore images of the many gasfield accidents up there on the Internet.


Remember, men, it’s bring your cute kid to work day!

66083_243501199121536_1239474096_nToo bad she won’t have any water to drink,” Barbara Jean Kazyaka commented boldly. In solidarity, I clicked “Like.”

Sadly, gone are all the photos of “I love cock” signs affixed to sleeping men’s helmets. They did leave one, though, maybe for old time’s sake? But, seriously, I ‘heart’ penis? I admit, I’m impressed that any man tough enough to work on a rig would draw a perfect little heart in a note!

305892_244142979057358_2108149939_nPhoto by fan JOKESTER

Garden variety sexism is fine, as long as its merely graphic.


And the fellas still get to ham it up, now that the gals have their own page, Her Frac Pride:


Administrator, White, has been busy. At least she was on April 16th when the whole page appears to have received a facelift, with a new “About” description, a variety of fresh, perky posts, and a nearly endless stream of reminders to “stay hydrated” amidst Monster energy drink product placements.

Hey there Frac Peeps! It’s your admin ~White~ popping over to say HI, I sure have missed ya’ll. Been crazy busy over on our sister page, Her Frac Pride. I have loved meeting the wives & the other women working beside ya out on location. Feel free to pop over & take a look at what we got going on over there too. It’s ALWAYS nice to hear from ya! Stay safe 😉

Then, It Gets Really Gross…

As if to remind the casual viewer that Fracking (sorry, fracing) is extremely dangerous work, admin has also included numerous photos of grievous injuries sustained, presumably, by these same fan/workers. Warning: they are gritty, puss-y and bloody. They tell a cautionary visual tale.

I’ll spare you.

Okay, we get it: You folks are tough. Your women are tough, and I imagine your cute kids are tough, too. Mettle won’t make you immune to the many adverse health impacts of shale gas drilling, transport and production, though. And that rainbow featured on your new page banner? It’s not from nature. It’s toxic pollution.


I respect anyone’s choice to live in a gasfield, but I would also remind them that Pennsylvania Marcellus gasfields are very different from those found in Texas. They aren’t “fields” per se. They’re more like a series of industrialized Sacrifice Zones. Pennsylvania is far more populous, and many people who find themselves living with this massive industrialization have simply not been given a choice.


Living in a Pennsylvania Sacrifice Zone? You are not alone!

Please Document Your Shale-Related Health Complaint, and visit The List of Harmed – Pennsylvania

List of The Harmed Now Mapped By FracTracker

In March, 2013, Matt Kelso of FracTracker introduced yet another invaluable research tool for those seeking information about the regional health impacts of industrial shale gas drilling in the densely populated Mid-Altlantic region. At last count, the cases of 822 people thought to be negatively impacted by the industry, with symptoms ranging from headaches and rashes to death, have been meticulously mapped at

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5 Responses to “Cocksure: Pro-Fracking Page Cleans Up Act, Remains Obnoxious”

  1. Barbara kazyaka Says:

    Doctors are under a Gag Order by Big Oil..

  2. wbrasch Says:

    I’m impressed by FracPride. It’s good that these workers have a release–and that they are proud of what they do. While the sexual humor is offensive to me, it’s still a form of release. But, perhaps the workers might also write about the 16-hour days, when they are pushed beyond their limits because Big Energy wants more and more work, and how that push to perform affects their mental and physical health. I’d also like to see more stories of workers who have decided that high wages just won’t make up for lost time with families–and health.
    walt brasch (author: “Fracking Pennsylvania”)

    • Tmtj Says:

      Walt is right. This page isn’t all about offensive behavior or on location accidents. These men need a way to let lose and have a laugh or two. It maybe offensive to some but it’s their way of having harmless fun. Who wants to be uptight and serious all the time. If this boosts their moods makes them laugh then good for them. This fb page also talks about other things that are not offensive so why not portray that? or are you just trying to paint a false picture. These men risk their lives and work long hours with little sleep. They do this to support their families and make it so that people, you protestors included, can drive your cars and heat and power your homes. My man does this for a living and yes it does worry me that he works long hours and may not eat well at times or could risk his life out there but I’m sure as hell proud of him. He’s a good man and isn’t oilfield trash like this article portrays. I hear stories all the time of what goes on out there. Do better research and stop trashing the people who are just trying to live.

      • Liz Rosenbaum Says:

        Walt is right, but you are not. I understand the need to “let loose and have a laugh or two,” especially when your have the most dangerous job on earth, yet I remain offended – not by their juvenile humor – but by the fact that your “man” must risk his life for an industry that knowingly pollutes the water, air and land, covers up damage which poisons people, and spends many millions of dollars trying to convince us that what they do for profit is somehow in the public’s best interest. I’m offended because of the many lives this industry has ruined with unscrupulous practices and outright negligence. Your man has a choice, but those who find themselves suddenly living in the new Marcellus gasfields – with tanker trucks barreling past their homes and seismic testing cracking the very foundations of their houses, who wake up to find that their water that is laced with undisclosed chemical carcinogens and rife with methane and their air is unfit to breath – they didn’t. We all need to make a living, but no one has the right to poison others. I am offended because this industry is profiting at the expense of others.

  3. Liz Rosenbaum Says:

    Tmtj, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought… I can see how you would be offended by my moralizing. Forgive me. Conservation of the environment is a deeply moral issue for me, but it’s not my place to judge. When it comes to energy, the economy and the environment, I simply wish there were better alternatives than extreme fossil fuels – for all our sakes. I hope your man stays safe.

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