Anti-Fracking Slogans

No Budget, Hi-Brow Anti-Fracking Slogans

(i.e. They’re free.) Help yourself, share the wit, and please add yours to the comments. Solidarity!

Anti-Carbon, Pro-Science!

Fracking = Climate Chaos

Kale Not Shale!

No Drill, No Spill

Wind Doesn’t Burn!

Couldn’t Afford My Own Politician, So I Made This Sign Instead

Hey Obama: Don’t Pass Gas!

Don’t Frack Your Mother

Health Over Wealth

Pennsylvania Is Not For Shale

“Safe Fracking” Is a Fairy Tale

Methane Blows

Kill The Drill

Solar Doesn’t Spill

Frack Barack!

Drill, Baby, Burn!

They Get Rich. You Get Cancer.

Once You Frack, You Can’t Go Back  

You Can’t Drink Money

No Water. No Future.

Frack is Wack

What part of turning water into toxic sludge makes sense?

Love your lake… Don’t frack it!

No Frickin Frackin!

Fracking Is Stupid

Farmers Not Frackers

Let Them Drink Gas

Fracking Creates A River of Doubt

Keep The Frack Out Of My Water

Health Over Profit

Fire The Climate Deniers!

There Is No Planet B

We’re Heard This Frack Before

Let Them Drink Benzene!

Don’t Be Frackin’ Crazy!

Fraccidents Happen, And Happen…

Go Solar Now!

Get The Frack Out!

Save Philly Water Ice

NOPE: Not On Planet Earth

Listen To The Many, Not The Money!

Thank You for Not Leasing

Stop Fracking US!

Fracking: F-Bomb of the Future

Water & Fracking Don’t Mix

Not So Fast, Natural Gas

No Fracking Required

 Soil Not Oil!

Don’t Frack With My Future!

No Dash for Gas!

No Frickin Frackin

Hit The Road, Frack

The F-Word Is A Dirty Word!


Got Slogan?

Post `em in the Comments. Thanks!

9 Responses to “Anti-Fracking Slogans”

  1. Diane Says:

    Say NO to Fracked Gas and Oil
    Say YES to Solar and Wind
    The Future of Life On Earth Depends On It !

  2. Emily Parker Says:

    I wanna DRINK not DRIVE

  3. Jack Says:

    Liar Liar waters on fire!

  4. Jim Henry Says:

    Ask any anti-fracking group to provide you with a real technical paper proving that it is worse for your health than the alternative (producing and burning coal). They can’t. The truth is fracking natural gas wells = cleaner air and a brighter future for everyone.

    Here is a TRUE technical paper, written by individuals with real credentials (ie Engineering degrees):

    Click to access hydraulic_fracturing_101.pdf

    It cites over 190 other technical papers (as a well written study should).

    I recommend it to everyone, whether they are for or against fracking. There is too much false science and unfounded facts floating around ( Note that the father of the anti-fracking movement was caught lying in an open letter to the governor of New York. He made up negative ‘facts’ regarding fracking just to prove his point. These are the scare tactics the anti-fracking movement uses against the public.

    Just to lighten the mood I also pulled up some less technical websites for your enjoyment:

    Ten lies about fracking:

    The Gas Land director hiding more facts:

    The fracking movement has a bad week because the US government realizes burning natural gas (produced from wells that are fracked is much cleaner than burning coal):

    And of course Gas Land’s big money connections:

    Look I’m sorry that everyone is being lied to by the anti-fracking community. But don’t take my word for it. Open your mind and read these sources. Then call up the anti-fracking groups and challenge them. Challenge them to produce real studies, real evidence and not just false claims of ‘fracking is bad and we should study it by banning it and not allowing anyone to do it anymore’.

    Finally a word about the morals of these anti-fracking groups. They have none. Case and point: John Bryson founded the Natural Resources Defense Council (a huge environmental and now anti-fracking group) and went on to be the US Secretary of Commerce until he had to resign in disgrace because he committed a double hit and run on the same day!

    • A Youth against fracking Says:

      OK, go ahead leave us youth with a fracked up planet to deal with!!!!! And I have met Josh Fox, why would he be hiding anything!!!!!!!!! Solar and wind = A greener planet

  5. Megan Swanson Says:

    Common sense of basic survival says to protect your fresh water supply above all else, water is life, Jim Henry. Fraccidents happen every day.

  6. marc duncan Says:

    I keep up with this subject on

  7. Franny Lux Says:

    We drink water, not money.

  8. brayden whyburn Says:

    don’t go fracking, it will send you packing

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