Pro- or Anti-Fracking, Sabotage Takes Fight Too Far

From tampered valves to hacked databases, is Pennsylvania failing the character test?

Fracking has both friends and foes in PA, and lately it’s been getting kinda ugly out there. Last week, The Ithaca Journal reported in Police Probe Fracking Spill in Bradford County that state police had determined a Talisman Energy frack brine spill in Canton Township, Bradford County, was the result of sabotage. The criminal act resulted in a contained spill on the well pad, involving “8,400 to 21,000” gallons of toxic production brine, or “flow back water,” according to Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Daniel Spadoni. Vandal or vigilante? Let’s hope they find out. Good thing they cleaned it up so quickly. No one’s been charged yet in the incident.

This week, it appears pro-gas interests have been flexing their underhanded muscles, too, hacking into the Delaware Riverkeeper Network e-activist database. Maya van Rossum, The Delaware Riverkeeper, pointed out in an email to the group “how effective our members and E-Activists are for our opponents to go so far as to try to sabotage our listserv. This hasn’t been the first time and they’ve failed again!

Peaceful Protest Opposes SB1100 & HB1950

Protecting Our Waters organized a rally in Harrisburg today, calling on PA Residents residents to “Stop the gas drilling takeover!” Together with a coalition of watershed protection groups, they’re urging us to call, write or rally to oppose SB1100 & HB1950, which sells taxpayers out cheap, and strips local governments of zoning rights.

Click to sign the petition. Please pass it along! Peace.


Check out the coverage of the January 17, 2012 rally in these news outlets:

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Times Tribune


The Morning Call

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