Fracked vs. Fiction, and the Very Real Need for a Moratorium in Pennsylvania

“Fifty Percent of Pennsylvania’s Land Mass (22,835 square miles) will become an heavily industrialized zone over the next fifty years…” *

“Wellbores, even perfectly sealed, will be thousands of times more porous than the rock between the shale and the surface, a multi-generational legacy of pollution could be the result.” *

“Three EPA studies have found that the migration of fracturing fluids into groundwater is unpredictable or has already happened.” *

POW!  Bam!!  Free Facts Fuel Democracy

Regularly circulating valuable links, articles and information, the venerable people at Protecting Our Waters are ever satisfying the public’s right-to-know about the impacts of industrial shale gas drilling on our fresh water supply. The group demonstrates that no matter how much money the gas industry spends on media and lobbying, they cannot captivate the national conversation.

POWers recently sent out this link to a power point presentation by PA organic farmer, Stephen Cleghorn, PhD and his wife, Lucinda Hart-Gonzalez, PhD, in whose memory it is dedicated. The Case for a Moratorium on Shale Gas Drilling takes a comprehensive look at every aspect of this complex issue in a concise forty-minute primer. Supported by credible sources galore, Cleghorn plainly states the case for no more shale gas drilling. The truth doesn’t need a big ad budget, thank heaven. Here’s an outstanding new tool to further your knowledge, and it’s free.

The Case for a Moratorium on Shale Gas Drilling, Cleghorn, PhD & Hart-Gonzalez, PhD

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