Dimock Scores A Win, So Does The EPA

“Colossal Failure” of Governor Corbett and The PA Department of Environmental Protection

The EPA began delivering water to four families in Dimock PA on Friday, January 20, while they conduct further testing on 61 more households. The move signals a failure of Tom Corbett and the PA DEP to safeguard the water supply of citizens. Peacegirl posted a video of the Press Conference on Sunday, January 20, 2012 in Dimock, PA. Among the speakers introduced by Julia Walsh of FrackAction were Craig Sautner, who will be receiving EPA water, and Victoria Switzer, who will not.

Let science speak for itself… Well, I guess it has, hasn’t it?” Sautner said.

I’m not letting Cabot test my water,” said Switzer. “And I’m not letting DEP test my water because as far as I’m concerned, they’re the same thing.

Silver Lake Township resident Craig Stevens and filmmaker Josh Fox also spoke. The general message conveyed was that of gratitude to the EPA and to Administrator Lisa Jackson for stepping in where Governor Tom Corbett and DEP Secretary Michael Krancer have failed. Fox reminded us that what happened in Dimock is now occurring across the state.

Given all that has transpired, and continues to transpire, in Dimock, I was fascinated, though not all that surprised, to learn that neither Corbett nor Krancer has been there yet.  As Stevens put it, they’ve “never even bothered to call.”

If people’s lives weren’t being destroyed, one might think it’s almost funny how DEP Sec. Krancer insists that gas drillers are going “above and beyond” when it comes to safety, insisting they will be self-policing with “peer pressure,” but he doesn’t require Cabot to go “above and beyond” when it comes to replacing the water they polluted.

Despite the governor’s gamesmanship regarding gas, and Krancer’s ceaseless sports analogies, both seemed to have forgotten that the first rule of winning is to show up.

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