Getting The Fracts, Environmental Bloggers On A Roll

Ads Cost Money But The Truth About Shale Gas Drilling Is Free
I laugh a little when I hear Gas Industry folks complain about how well-funded the anti-fracking movement is. To which groups are they referring? I’m a fractivist. I volunteer, and I’m in very good company. The organizations I support are transparent about their funding, too, even if it’s the wrong brand of donor, as was recently the case with Sierra Club. Difficult as it must have been, Sierra came clean about Chesapeake Energy underwriting its Beyond Coal campaign. Now, I suspect, they’re working doubly hard to get beyond Gas.

It’s true, there’s a growing list of major environmental groups who want to ban or limit Unconventional Gas Drilling, and they have relatively “major” funding. Some of them are linked at right. In true grassroots fashion, though, there are far more unsung heroes comprising the ever-expanding, unpaid anti-fracking chorus.

These cats have computers, and they aren’t afraid to use them. Each, in their own way, is establishing a public record of extreme gas extraction and its assault on our water, air and land. I don’t imagine I’ve aggregated them all, but the sites listed below are packed with Fracking facts, aimed squarely at dispelling Shale Gas fictions.

Anti-Fracking Bloggers Blogroll 

Action PA:

Amy Mall’s Blog:

Allegheny Defense Project:

Barnett Shale Hell (Texas):

Berks Gas Truth:

Bluedaze Drilling Reform:

Bob’s Blog:

Calvin Tillman, Dish TX:

Catskill Mountainkeeper:

Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy:

Center for Healthy Environments and Communities:

Cheap Tricks & Costly Truths:

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability:

Danger Drilling:

River Voice, The Delaware Riverkeeper’s blog:

De-Smog Blog:

Energy Policy Forum:

Faces of Frackland, PA:

FrackAlert, Northeast PA Residents & Landowners Against Fracking:


Fracking Curation Project:

Fracking Underground:

Marcellus Mapping Tool, new and Improved to track of the enactment of local impact fees.

Gas Drilling Awareness Coaltion:

Gas Exploitation, Assault to the Senses, Dimock, PA:

Gas Safety USA:

Gas Wells Are Not Our Friends, Dear Susquehanna:

Gas Wells on the Monongahela:

Hydrofracking Virginia:

Luzerne County Citizens for Clean Water:

Marcellus Effect:

Marcellus Mayhem:

Marcellus Protest:

Marcellus Shale-US:
Fracking photojournalism at its best.

Natural Gas Watch, gas explosion watchdogs:

Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation:

No Fracking in New York Aquifers:

NEPA Gas Action, Citizens for Clean Water, Susquehanna County, PA:

Protecting Our Waters:

Protect The Endless Mountains of PA:

Responsible Drilling Alliance:

Sane Energy Project, NYC:

Save Our Streams PA:

Save The Delaware:

Shale Gas Review, Tom Wilbur’s new book, Under The Surface, is due out this spring:

Shale Shock!:

Solid Shale, New York State:

Splashdown PA, Defending Our Water Now!:

Un-Natural Gas:

What The Frack?:

List is by no means complete… Please send thoughts, or links you like!

One Response to “Getting The Fracts, Environmental Bloggers On A Roll”

  1. Julie A. Edgar Says:

    great aggregation of sites/resources…thanks for all your efforts, Liz!

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