Get Radical! Marcellus Truth & Action Conference in Bethlehem PA

[UPDATE: APRIL 5, 2012]  Visit for full-length video of keynote speech by Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, Cornell University, and other highlights from the conference.


[Original Post]  Marcellus Shale Exposed: A Symposium for Truth and Action on Fri., March 16th & Sat, March 17th at Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA is a great place to get informed and involved in the effort to protect our land, air and water from the ravages of Unconventional Gas Drilling. Presenters will include: Jeff Schmidt, Sierra Club * Tracy Carluccio, Delaware Riverkeeper Network * Karen Feridun, Berks Gas Truth * Deborah Rogers, Energy Policy Forum.

Free Admission – Register here!

Deborah Rogers

Founder, Energy Policy Forum
on Economics of Drilling

Jeff Schmidt
PA Director, Sierra Club
on Legislative & Regulatory Issues

Tracy Carluccio
Deputy Director, Delaware Riverkeeper Network
on Environmental Impacts

Michelle Bamberger, DVM & Robert E. Oswald
Authors of Impacts of Gas Drilling on Human and Animal Health
on Health Impacts

 Vera Cole, Ph.D.
President, Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Assoc. on Clean Energy Alternatives

Karen Feridun
Founder, Berks Gas Truth
on Media and Messaging

Facilitators include:
Michael Wood, PA Budget & Policy Center
Iris Marie Bloom, Protecting Our Waters
Adam Garber, PennEnvironment
Matt Walker, Clean Air Council
Wayne Kenton, Sierra Club

Exhibitors include:
Berks Gas Truth
Green Party of Pennsylvania
League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania
Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania
Pipeline Safety Coalition
United Sludge-Free Alliance

What is Marcellus Shale Exposed?
Marcellus Shale Exposed is a Symposium for Truth and Action. Our two goals for the event are: 1) to provide you with information you didn’t know about unconventional natural gas drilling, regardless of much you know about the issues when you arrive, and 2) to provide you with opportunities to TAKE ACTION to stop unsafe gas drilling!

We’ve gathered together leading experts on many of the issues surrounding drilling to help us accomplish our goals. You’ll hear from the people who are living with the consequences of gas drilling every day on Friday evening, March 16th, after a 7 p.m. screening of the documentary Gasland. Craig and Julie Sautner of Dimock are just two of the panelists who will speak and take your questions. On Saturday, March 17th, you’ll hear our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, Cornell University’s renowned expert on fracking. Tracy Carluccio, Deputy Director of the Delaware Riverkeeper, will speak on Environmental Impacts. Drs. Michelle Bamberger and Robert E. Oswald will discuss the health impacts they recently wrote about in their important paper, Impacts of Gas Drilling on Human and Animal Health. Deborah Rogers, Founder of the Energy Policy Forum will be here from Texas to discuss Economic Issues. Jeff Schmidt, PA State Director of the Sierra Club, will discuss Legislative/Regulatory Issues. Dr. Vera Cole, President of the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association, will talk about Clean Energy Alternatives. Karen Feridun, Founder of Berks Gas Truth, will discuss Media and Messaging.

On Saturday afternoon, interested attendees will participate in task force organizational meetings. Our experts will be joined by organizers, activists, and researchers who will lead the task force groups organized around the same issue areas as the morning’s talks: environmental impacts, health impacts, economic issues, legislative/regulatory issues, clean energy alternatives, and media/messaging. The groups that form that day will continue to meet in the weeks and months following Marcellus Shale Exposed, carrying out, among other things, the plans that they draft in those task force organizational meetings. Natural gas drilling is an enormous issue with lots of moving parts. We need to build a strong movement to confront the issues! Don’t worry, though, if you’re not able to participate on a task force, you can still take action that day by signing petitions, writing letters, and gathering information. See our Program page for the list of task force leaders. You’ll find the names of many of the leaders in the movement against unsafe drilling!

But that’s not all! You’ll also have the chance to visit exhibits loaded with information you can take with you and, we hope, share with your family and friends.

Register for this free public event today!

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One Response to “Get Radical! Marcellus Truth & Action Conference in Bethlehem PA”

  1. K. Morgan Says:

    Seems like the only way to get any data in bulk form on fracking chemicals is from (D-FRAC). I tried the Frac Focus site but it will only let you have info one at a time… and there are just too many well frackings for this.

    This is the sort of data needed to make informed decisions but there are (intentional?) obstacles in place to make it unnecessarily difficult to obtain.

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