PennEnvironment’s Winning Attitude

No matter how powerful and well-heeled the gas industry lobbyists may be, when people come together to defend our environmental values, we almost always find a way to win.

                       ~ David Masur, PennEnvironment State Director

These words of encouragement appeared in the PennEnvironment’s 2012 Winter Newsletter, which covered a range of news items, such as:

  • Pennsylvania is now the 6th smoggiest state in the nation
  • EPA is moving to limit air pollution
  • PA is 4th in the nation for solar jobs
  • An update on Governor Corbett’s plans to privatize parks in order to facilitate gas drilling

There’s also an item on PennEnvironment’s Marcellus Shale Citizen Empowerment Project. This project is organizing meet-ups across the state to train more than 1,000 Pennsylvanians with the skills and knowledge they need to protect our streams, rivers, forests and communities. It’s led by veteran environmental activist, and PennEnvironment Field Director, Adam Garber.

Click here to register for the upcoming Citizen Organizer Training scheduled in Bryn Mawr, PA on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.

To attend a training in another area, or to host one in your community, email

To learn more how industrial shale gas drilling threatens our environment, click here.

To sign PennEnvironment’s Online Petition, CLICK HERE.


Gas Drilling Moratorium Petition Collection

PRINT THE PETITION: PennEnvironment Marcellus Shale Moratorium Petition

Thank you helping collect petition signatures telling our elected officials to put our health and environment first when it comes to gas drilling. You are critical to hitting the next milestone: 40,000 by Earth Day 2012. If you have questions, please call our field director Adam Garber at (215) 732-5897.  Here’s how you get started:

1. Download the petition: You can download a copy of the petition here. Please ask people to write legibly and print their name.

2. Collected information: Signers should put their full address down so we can make sure their petition gets to the corrected legislator—they will not receive mail from us. Please encourage signers to include an email address so we can keep them updated on the campaign and build a movement to take on the gas drilling industry.

3. Tips on collecting signatures
    a. Ask family and friends: Start with your family and friends.  They probably have similar concerns and if you explain why you signed, they     will sign too.
    b. Carry the petition with you everywhere: Every day we run into people who care about protecting Pennsylvania¹s streams, drinking water     and forests from gas drilling.  Just carry the petition with you and as you talk to people throughout the week, ask them to sign.  If you do     that,     you’ll    quickly get to your goal. I also think groups you are part of are a great place to gather signatures, whether it¹s a religious     group, fishing group, knitting club, political group or anything else.

4. Talk about why you care: People want to know why you are so concerned about gas drilling. It will help educate them and bring out their     concerns.
    d. Bring the petition to events or go door to door: If you feel comfortable, going to local environmental events, farmers markets or door to     door in your neighborhood is a great way to collect petitions.  Depending on the event you can expect to collect 20+ petitions an hour. 
    e. Be Creative: There are a million other ways to get petition signatures and build the movement against gas drilling. Be creative and try new things, nothing is off limits.

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