Nothing Left To Debate

They’re poisoning you, and they’re telling you there’s nothing wrong…”

Gas companies don’t have to win the debate over whether fracking is safe or not, they only need to run out the clock. To argue the point seems kinda moot when they’re fracking away anyway. There are more than 200,000 fracking rigs in the US and, according to StateImpact’s frack map app, nearly 7,725 of them are in Pennsylvania. Yet if there’s no honest debate, who really wins and who loses? If you happen to live in a drilling-free county (you know who you are), consider taking a moment to listen to the people who live among the 7,725 rigs. Their experiences make it difficult to maintain that more fossil fuels and deadly dangerous drilling jobs are such a great thing.

The Woodlands by Rich Waters from Butler County, Pennsylvania

“When you’re so used to being healthy, it’s not fun getting sick and not knowing why.

Uploaded by NatureAbounds:  Residents in Butler County, Pennsylvania share their fracking experience. Film shared courtesy of Nature Abounds’ friend Rich Waters, a local photographer and videographer who is documenting how fracking is changing the lives of his neighbors in Southwest Pennsylvania. 

You can read more about Kim McEvoy’s water saga in SOS Butler County: Black Water + Purple Water = A Fracking Nightmare by Iris Marie Bloom at

“Scale Back, Slow Down, and Resist The Boom Mentality”

No Fracking Way: The Natural Gas Boom is Doing More Harm Than Good?was the measure put to the audience in an Oxford-style debate hosted by Intelligence Squared US. The 50-minute debate aired on on July 12, 2012.

“Before the debate, 38 percent of the audience supported that motion and 38 percent opposed it, with 24 percent undecided. Afterward, 53 percent agreed that ‘The Natural Gas Boom Is Doing More Harm Than Good’ and 42 percent disagreed — making those arguing for the motion the winners.”

By a landslide.

We need to scale back, slow down and resist the boom mentality,” argued Deborah Goldberg, Managing Attorney for EarthJustice, who is in favor of the No Fracking Way measure. Goldberg powerfully concluded, “We need to take the time to let the science catch up with the practice, and the safeguards catch up with the science. We need the resources to ensure that the rules we have in place are vigorously enforced… We need to develop a real, meaningful energy policy, not all of the above. That’s no policy at all.”

Listen to the entire debate on the NPR player:

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