Babes In Truthland

Rep. Jesse White’s Search For An ‘Honest and Fact-Based’ Discussion

There’s nothing irrational about wanting to protect our land, air and water from the ravages of industrial shale gas drilling. Today, Truthland is making the rounds with sponsored viewings in drilling regions across the state. I suppose the showings are meant to mimic the viewings of Gasland that fractivists regularly host in their homes. Make no mistake, Truthland was created by and for the Gas Industry, so they could have an artsy puff piece, sort of a mockumentary answer to Josh Fox’s powerful, Golden Globe winning, Academy Award-nominated film. But serious propaganda it ain’t, and if the ramifications of people believing this dreck weren’t so serious, one might even say it’s a gas. Truth is, Truthland only generates more exposure for Gasland, and makes us impatient for the promised sequel, Gasland2. Until then, Fox fills the factual void with this emergency short film, The Sky Is Pink.

Rep. Jesse White [D-46th] recently attended a viewing of Truthland in his district “to learn” …  

Here’s what he posted on Facebook afterwards (via Dory Hiipauf):
Near Cecil, PA · ..Just came from a screening of ‘Truthland’ in my district, sponsored by ‘Energy in Depth,’ because I always want to learn and hear differing viewpoints so I can make sure I’m making rational decisions based on my own experiences. While the ‘movie’ was nothing more than a condescending 34-minute infomercial produced by the energy industry, the really interesting part was the panel discussion afterwards.

 Industry representatives told the 211 people in attendance the gas industry is going to start getting more aggressive in attacking people who don’t agree with them, and that because their facts are totally right, there can be no middle ground in the debate. So much for that ‘honest and fact-based’ discussion we always hear about but rarely see, huh? Maybe there was more truth revealed than I realized tonight…”


Why not have your own private viewing, right now, then you can decide for yourself.


Pretty cool how an average PA housewife gets to meet with all these pro-gas experts. And they accuse us of drinking KoolAid!

The Sky Is Pink

Just as there’s no such thing as a safe cigarette, there’s no safe fracking. “This is not an industry that’s well known for its truthfulness, or for being forthcoming on issues.

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