Truthland’s Shelly Depue Has A ‘Bubbling Annulus’


Marcellus-Shale.US reports in Trouble in Truth Land
 DEPUE #8H that Mrs. Depue’s frack well borehole is full of it.

Research has revealed that there is trouble in truth land. One of the Depue wells (8H) is severely flawed with a bubbling annulus. An annulus is the cemented layer between layers of steel, you know, the one that ‘never leaks’ and can survive cannon-type explosions as seen toward the end of the “Truthland” movie. Two more of the Depue wells (2H and 6H) have Pennsylvania DEP violations, which are shown below. Needless to say, it’s not going nearly as well as all the ‘experts’ interviewed in the Truthland movie led Shelly to believe it would!

Read more details, and see copies of the Depue H8 DEP inspection violaiton reports, at Marcellus-Shale.US


3 Responses to “Truthland’s Shelly Depue Has A ‘Bubbling Annulus’”

  1. William Huston Says:

    Brilliant title!

  2. Chip Northrup Says:

    Shelly DePue’s bubbling annulus is conspicuously absent from the mockumentary . .

  3. Chip Northrup Says:

    Her bubbling annulus was conspicuously absent from the mockumentary

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