Stop The Frack Attack, Seriously

Demand A Sane Energy Future!

STOP THE FRACK ATTACK  •  Saturday 7.28.12, Washington DC 

The West Lawn of the Capitol at 2pm

The biggest anti-fracking rally in the United States, ever!  

Concerned citizens from across the country are convening in Washington DC, lobbying and rallying our leaders. On Saturday, July 28, we will call on President Obama and the US Congress to “change the way the oil and gas industry operates in this country.” 

Speaker Line-Up:

    • Bill McKibben (
    • Allison Chin (Sierra Club)
    • Josh Fox (Gasland)
    • Calvin Tillman (Former Mayor of Dish, Texas)
    • Laura Amos (Affected Community Member, CO)
    • John Fenton (Affected Community Member, WY)
    • Kari Matsko (Affected Community Member, OH)
    • Dayne Pratzky (Aka,”Frackman”, Australia)
    • Lori New Breast (Affected Community Member, MT)
    • Mike Tidwell (CCAN)
    • Jameson Lisak and Kelly Humphreys ( Affected Youth from PA and WV)
    • Dr. Catherine Thomasson (Physicians for Social Responsibility )
    • Doug Shields (former member of the Pittsburgh City Council)

And maybe a few celebrity surprises? Get the very latest at or on the StopTheFrackAttack! facebook page.

Can’t Make It?  Be There In Spirit!


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