Five Thousand Fractivists Take It To Washington

I may have been the 5000th protester, but I got to shake Josh Fox’s hand and thank him for keeping our tap water safe! For every person who made it to the Stop The Frack Attack! rally in Washington DC, many more were there in spirit. This movement is growing!

Filmmaker Josh Fox With A Cluster of Reporters

This issue’s not going away,” said filmmaker Fox, flanked by reporters on the march.  

Five thousand protesters from all over the country, and even as far as Australia, had begun to arrive in Washington days earlier to lobby lawmakers. On Saturday, July 28th, they gathered in front of the US Capitol to demand a sane energy future, and an end to reliance on extreme fossil fuels. Protesters then flooded the streets chanting, “Ban Fracking Now!” as they delivered this message to The American Petroleum Institute:

       “Hey, Frackers, Get Off It! The People Over Profits!” has uploaded this amazing video by Sam Spear.

The industrious folks at Marcellus Shale Protest have provided this list of links to live upstreamed video. Tour de Frack and Responsible Drilling Alliance have also provided excellent photos.

Uploaded by Delaware Riverkeeper Network.

Coverage of the largest anti-fracking rally ever in the US continues…

5,000 People Unite in DC to Protest Fracking by Stefanie Spear,

Thousands of Americans Unite in Washington to Demand New Rules for Oil and Gas Development, by Amy Mall, Amy Mall’s Blog,

West Virginians Participate in Stop The Frack Attack Rally by Jamie Stover, TV12,

Stop The Frack Attack – AWESOME by Dory Hippauf,

Local Residents to Join Anti-fracking Rally Saturday in D.C by Steve Israel,


Save The Dates!   SHALE GAS OUTRAGE 2

Hosted by

Thursday, September 20, 2012  ~  Philadelphia, PA



A global day of action on September 22, 2012, to ban fracking in communities around the world!

Organized by a Coalition led by Food & Water Watch. For more info:

Saturday, September 22, 2012



What Would You Tell President Obama?

Marcellus Shale Reality Tour Part 9 Dear Mr. President

Video by Scott Cannon, GDACoalition.or

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One Response to “Five Thousand Fractivists Take It To Washington”

  1. Dave Meiser Says:

    Thanks to everyone who came! We worked hard to get this togehter and even though it was HOT! it was well worth the effort.

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