It’s The Cement, Stupid

Or Why I Favour A Ban On Fracking

According to Global Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing, a facebook page administered by Luke Ashley of Wrexam, England, “Understanding how fracking and repeated fracking can result in failing well integrity. Gaps and cracks in the annular casing cement allow unwanted contaminates to migrate between formation layers and aquifers. After a well has been repeatedly fracked and is no longer economically viable, it is plugged and abandoned but nothing is or can be done to ensure adequate well integrity between the casing and drilled well bore.”

      Cement Isn’t Magic. All Frack Wellbore Seals Fail Eventually. 

Just in case you want to refresh your understanding of Annular Pressure in the hydraulically fracked shale gas well (I know I did!) I recommend this pithy 56-page report, Annular Pressure Where Did It Come From? How Can You Control It?, by George E. King Engineering in March, 2009. King is the 2012 Houston Area Engineer of the Year.
Recommended by Ashley:
How Gas Wells Leak posted at
Casings – A Cause For Concern by Joyce Hale in The Free Weekly, September 27, 2012.
A World Without Fracking
Mr. Ashley doesn’t arrive at his views casually, and his conclusions aren’t drawn “because I`m a lefty or greenie or eco lover or environmentalist” rather as a result of “all the research I`ve been doing over the last several years.” The Global Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing About Description reads:
If there can be such a thing as instinctual memory, the consciousness of land and water must lie deeper in the core of us than any knowledge of our fellow beings. We were bred of the earth before we were born of our mothers. Once born, we can live without our mothers or our fathers or any other kin or friend, or even human love. We cannot live without the earth or apart from it, and something is shriveled in man’s heart when he turns away from it and concerns himself only with the affairs of men. Hydraulic Fracturing, commonly known as Fracking, is a highly controversial method of extracting oil and gas from existing, redundant and new wells. Drilling has begun in an unregulated frenzy from USA, China and now heading for gas rich Europe and other countries around the world. The environment and human health is at very serious and potential risk if this method of extracting gas is not stopped.
Visit the Global Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing page on

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One Response to “It’s The Cement, Stupid”

  1. Joanne Fiorito Says:

    btw, I went back to and this picture has been removed from George’s Annular Pressure Overview since this is the nail in their coffins…..

    Click to access Annular_Pressure_Overview.pdf

    go ahead see for yourselves….this picture and its descriptions as to why failures happen to cement casings has vanished off of his pdf.

    the problem George has now is, we’ve actually recorded the originals of all of his links and our lawyers will be pointing out the coverup

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