Christmas Is In The Air

“Santa’s Pre-Flight 2012 Over Frackland” 

From the folks who gave us classics such as Hydraulic Fracturing Party!Marcellus Shale Fish Kills and Gas Wells, Frac Pits and School Coexist come two brand new holiday classics. Cineplex Rex filmed high over Wetzel County, West Virgnia, Greene County and Washington County, Pennsylvania throughout 2012, and the aerial images they captured depict a state that is fundamentally changed by a single, heavily polluting industry.


Not Nice…

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a healthy future for the children of the Marcellus Shale.

A Pennsylvania Mom 

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One Response to “Christmas Is In The Air”

  1. paulrodenlearning Says:

    Here are two things everyperson can do on the planet who has an e-mail address and a connection to the Internet to stop fracking. #1. Go to and download the flyer and adapt it to your local anti-fracking group or use your own contact infor to start a group or local chapter and pass that out starting Dec. 28, 2012, the opening night of Matt Damon’s new film on fracking, “The Promised Land”, filmed in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Take pictures of you and your team outside of the movie theater. This film will help the anti-fracking movement take off. #2, go to Thirty Days of Fracking, which is linked the NY State DEP’s Proposed Regulations on Fracking in New York State. You can sumit a digital , snail mail comment or write comments every day on the proposed fracking regulations in NY. The 30 Days Website will send you a reminder every day from now until Jan. 11. 2013 on a different proposed regulation on Fracking in NY. Make your feedbackl personal. In other words, how fracking affects you and that the only safe way to regulate fracking is to outlaw the practice for eternity. Even if you don’t live in NY or live downstream from the Delaware Watershed, where all the tributaries of NY feed into the Delaware, which forms the border between part of NY & PA and all of New Jersey and PA and DE. Stopping, banning and obtaining a mortorium or tough regulations is a victory for us.

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