Pipeline Destruction Is Coming To Town

Document Pre-Pipeline Stream Conditions in The Delaware River

DECEMBER 22-23, 2012

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network needs your help:

We have 19 days to stop this fracked gas pipeline from cutting through healthy pristine habitat and rural communities  that still thrive in PA and NJ– we have 19 days left to see if the decision-makers and the courts finally listen and respond to our legal challenges and concerns from the community. Of course the Delaware Riverkeeper Network is not sitting idly by while the countdown happens.  We are taking action,” writes Maya van Rossum, Countdown to a Pipeline – And Stopping It, posted in Delaware River Voice, The Delaware Riverkeeper’s Blog, on December 14, 2012.

What You Can Do:

Volunteers are needed weekend of December 22nd to photo-document sensitive habitats in the Delaware River Watershed, such as stream crossings, wetlands and healthy forests adjacent to the S-R Right-of-Way. Here are the links to the construction schedules for the New Jersey and Pennsylvania sides.

Our hope is to make sure PSE&G and PPL do what they say they will – that is to work hard to protect the environment. But in reality, their contractors are likely going to move along as quickly as they can to maximize profits and you know the agencies don’t have the personnel to be out in the field.

Your photo-documentation may lead to a stop-work order or greater mitigation costs.

The most important points are:

  • Be safe and be careful
  • Don’t trespass on private property
  • Take a friend or even a few
  • Time stamp your pictures and photograph any damaged environment or likely to be damaged locations

Take pictures and make detailed notes, and email them to fred@delawareriverkeeper.org.

Maps/Construction Schedules:

Pennsylvania Portion Pipeline

New Jersey Portion Pipeline

The final word – Be careful and safe.
Also from The Delaware Riverkeeper:
Want to tell Governor Corbett yourself what you think about fracking, drilling, shale gas, pipelines compressors in Pennsylvania and/or send a message of support for sustainable energy and energy efficiency? Send a 1 minute video we can take to our meeting with him so you can be heard directly. ➢ Please send us your videos as either MPEG 4, M4V or QUICKTIME MOVIES. 
➢ Please do not send Microsoft Word WMV Movies. 
➢ Due to the limited time we have with the Governor and our goal of having as many heard as possible we ask you to please keep your video to one minute – if it is longer we will edit it if we can but may have to reject it for use at the meeting. 
➢ Videos must be received by January 3rd to ensure consideration.
➢ You must be a resident or property owner in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be part of this effort – as those are the Governor’s constituents and the folks he may actually listen to. 
➢ Send your video to ed@delawareriverkeeper.org
learn more at:

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