Go Frack-Free In 2013!

Resolve to get more involved in the incredible fossil-free grassroots movement that’s been springing up across the USA. No one should be an energy company guinea pig! Help your community maintain control over rampant, unregulated shale gas fracking, toxic waste water, pipelines, compressor stations and dehydration units. Chances are – wherever you are – there’s a local group fighting for our right to clean air, land and water.  

Ban Fracking Now! 

Success of the global movement is evidenced by the growing List of Fracking Bans and Moratoriums by Johnny Linehan, Fracking Hell (UK)There’s also a number of facebook pages exploding, such as No Fracking Way, which has nearly 10,000 Likes, Marcellus Protest and BIFF (Britain and Ireland Frack Free!) Meanwhile, 350.org‘s nationwide effort to encourage colleges and universities to Divest From Fossil Fuels is quickly gaining momentum.

Many grassroots Marcellus groups are listed at Frack Free PA! 

Split Decision

Good news: It’s never been easier to join the fight for sane energy. The fact that there are two great events scheduled in Philadelphia for same evening in January is proof that the local movement is building. Either that, or it’s a conspiracy…

  • PROMISED LAND Opens At The Ritz 5 – Pass The Popcorn! 

Friday, December 28th: The Wall Street Journal hated it. The Gas Industry has already launched a smear campaign against it, prepared by the nasty gas lobbying group, Energy In Depth (though I hear the film’s pro- vs. anti- position is left open to interpretation). Recently, Matt Damon sat down for not one but two nights with PBS’ Tavis Smiley. All this, in time for the Oscars, too. Seriously. Can’t. Wait.

Promised Land – Featurette
Go behind-the-scenes of Promised Land with Matt Damon, John Krasinski, & Gus Van Sant.

Tickets and showtimes here.

Organizing Around Promised Land

Veteran activist Paul Robert Roden writes:  “We need to take advantage of the showing of “Promised Land” We want people to see it and we want more people involved to stop fracking. There are three things every person we know can do even if you only go see it once or are afraid to get in a hassle with mall or theater owners over “solicitation” on private property. Number 1, pass out flyers, circulate petitions or clip board to sign up to get involved to stop fracking. Number 2, pass out flyers with the names, addresses, e-mail address and website of groups involved in stopping fracking. And finally 3 pass out business cards with your name, e-mail and/or phone number to get involved or a list of environment groups to join to stop fracking. Use Vistaprint.com or make you own with pre-die cut stock on your printer or print at OfficeMax, Office Depot or Kinko’s. The worst thing that can happen is that they arrest you or ask you to stop and kick you out of the theater or lobby or mall parking lot. There are some theaters that are on public streets in downtowns. Not all theaters are in shopping malls or attached to shopping malls. I have done this inside the multiplex theater showing “Sicko” in the past to organize around single payer healthcare reform. I did this outside of a movie theater repeatedly starting on March 28, 1979 when “Silkwood” premiered on TMI’s meltdown. “Carpe diem, seize the day to outreach and organize. Not all ushers and theater managers/workers are going to hassle you. It is time for the anti-fracking movement to explode! Let’s do it and stop preaching to the choir.
  • Dr. Sandra Steingraber Speaks at Drexel’s Academy of Natural Sciences 

January 15, 2013, 6pm:  Join noted biologist, environmental advocate and author Sandra Steingraber as she explores the links between human health and environmental toxins, especially those found in our water.

Where:  The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Event is open to the public. Click here for more information and tickets.

Drexel University Events Calendar Description
  •  Shale:  The StateImpact Story

January 15, 2013 at 7 pm  (rescheduled from October 30):  WHYY’s NewsWorks.org presents an exclusive and riveting discussion of energy issues in the commonwealth with StateImpact Pennsylvania reporters WHYY’s Susan Phillips and WITF’s Scott Detrow. Panel discussion will be led by WHYY’s Vice President for News and Civic Dialogue, Chris Satullo.

StateImpact Pennsylvania is the winner of the 2012 Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA)Regional Edward R. Murrow award for Best Broadcast Affiliated Website.

Tickets are limited. For More Information click here.

  • Now Playing:  Chasing Ice


James Balog uses time-lapse cameras to capture a multiyear record of the world’s changing glaciers.

  • Curl Up With A Good Screen…


Protecting Our Waters

Delaware River Voice

Marcellus Protest

No Fracking Way!

Shale Shock

The Marcellus Effect

Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition

Frack Action Blog

Sierra Club Marcellus News Digest 

Food and Water Watch

DeSmog Blog

Clean Water Action PA

Natural Resources Defense Council

Americans Against Fracking

Please send links to your favorite places in the Comments – thanks!

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