The Year Fractivism Exploded

KeepTap’s Stats Reflect An Anti-Gas Movement On Fire

The momentum behind clean energy has been building like never before. In 2012, several grand-scale, public events like Shale Gas Outrage in Philadelphia, Stop The Frack Attack in Washington DC, and the sold-out  Do The Math tour. Colleges and universities are now being asked by alumni, faculty and student bodies to take a leadership role in addressing Climate Change by pledging to divest from dirty energy and Go Fossil Free.  

We’ve also seen an explosion in media coverage of the issues surrounding shale gas production, and not a minute too soon considering people’s lives and livelihoods are at stake. It’s still not enough. The number of fracked wells crested over 9,000 in Pennsylvania, before receding to 8,982, and, sadly, the List of the Harmed topped 652 this year.

Unfortunately, in 2012 President Obama began piping up with pro-gas soundbites, too. In Pennsylvania, the gas industry has been permitted to barrel onwards, with less than 5% of their shale gas wells inspected, despite the objections of a growing number of citizens. New York remains the last hold-out on the Marcellus, but for how long? The Delaware River Watershed’s outlook may seem bleak, especially now that DRBC has ruled to allow unfettered access for 13 gas pipeline projects, but the sheer proliferation of anti-gas blogs and papers, and this blog’s tremendous spike in visitors, tell a far more positive story:  People are wising up fast.”

KeepTap’s Five “Top Fives”

Search Engine Terms:

I still get “Fracking” spelled most commonly with a ‘k,’ despite the industry’s whiny insistence on use of the term “fracing” instead.

1.  “Fracking Quotes”

2.  “Fracking Petition”

3.  “Anti-Fracking Slogans”

4.  “Fracking Terminology”

5.  “Frack Act”



1.  Marcellus-Shale.US

2.  Stop The Frack Attack!

3. Petition: Ban Hydraulic Fracturing

4.  Protecting Our Waters

5.  Post Gazette


Views By Country (since Feb 25, 2012):

1.  United States

2.  United Kingdom

3.  France

4.  Australia

5.  Germany


Top Posts:

1.  Chemicals Database Expands, FRAC Act STILL Required

2.  What’s in Your Water? Chloramine

3.  Toxic Treatment: Chlorine vs. Chloramine for Public Water Disinfection

4.  Crying the Bans

5.  No Budget, High-Brow Anti-Fracking Slogans


Top Pages:

1.  Global Guide To Fracking

2.  Anti-Fracking Grassroots Blogroll

3.  List of Bans Worldwide

4.  The FRAC Act

5.  Frack Facts

Many thanks to all who have visited, and especially to those who have taken the time to comment.

Looking Forward to a Happy, Healthy, Frack-Free 2013! 

3 Responses to “The Year Fractivism Exploded”

  1. Kim Triolo Feil Says:

    Folks yet another shale risk SRBs get up to speed..this stuff is nasty and guarantees risk to cement,steel and fracks up water, soil and lungs.

  2. Vera Scroggins Says:

    keep the anti-frack movement growing and it’s people power and we can do it; we can protect ourselves when our government agencies fail us.

  3. Liz Rosenbaum Says:

    Yes! science is on our side. often, the law is, too

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