FrackNation or Continental Divide?

The United Frack-Free States of Facebook 

I’m in a love-hate with Facebook. Heaven knows I let it consume me at times. Just when I think we’ve got something going, it blocks me, makes me stop and fill in endless, annoying security codes. Maybe if I only posted pictures of my dinner and other people’s cats?

The upcoming onset of FrackNation, a pro-gas mockumentary which by all reports is chock full of industry half-truths and overt lies,demonstrates a clear dichotomy in America. We’ve quickly become a nation of Pro-Gas v. Anti-Fracking, Anti-Renewables v. Pro-Land, Air & Water. No matter how much you want to avoid polemicizing the issues, there remains a detailed and widening divide.  Despite the catchy title of Phelim McAleer’s new philm, wholly reminiscent of ProzacNation, it seems opposition to shale gas production in the United States of America is only growing. Wherever the gas industry goes, sanity springs up beside it. And yet again, the annual tally of anti-fracking facebook groups across the U.S.A. has exploded.

Green Slime Is In The Hoouse!  

Facebook pages and groups opposing natural gas steadily multiplied in shale states in 2012, adding to the numerous national and international pages already thriving. Considering the sheer preponderance of frack waste, methane contamination, explosions, toxic air emissions, truck traffic, earthquakes, radioactive drill cuttings, and other fraccidents, is it any wonder?

Most groups are Open, so you can read the newsfeed. Please “Like” pages that suit you, it certainly boosts morale, only be sure to set the Notifications to your liking, or risk update overload. Share and share alike! Despite the drillers’ depiction, fractivists are a diverse and friendly lot.

Not on Facebook? Good for you! I swear, I’m getting over it too. Here’s a link to Anti-Fracking Websites.  


[UPDATED: January 16, 2013 – Many thanks for all the helpful comments!]


No Fracking Alabama


Stop Arkansas Fracking


StopFracking California State

Food & Water Watch California

Stop Fracking California


Frack Free Co

Fracking Colorado

No Fracking in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs No Fracking Zone


Idaho Residents Against Gas Extraction – IRAGE


Ban Fracking Illinois


Indiana Against KXL and Fracking


NO to Fracking in Kansas


Maryland Fracking Moratorium Now

No Fracking In Western Maryland


Ban Michigan Fracking

No Fracking in Montana


Food & Water Watch, New Jersey 


New Yorkers Against Fracking

New York Residents Against Drilling (NYRAD)

Frack Action

Gas Free Seneca

No Fracking NewYork

Catskill Mountainkeeper

Clean Water Not Dirty Drilling

Don’t Frack With New York’s Drinking Water

Frack Off

Finger Lakes Anti-Fracking Coalition

Frack Free Catskills

Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy

No Frack NY Coatlion

Daily Frack

Frack Free New York

Dear Governor Cuomo

Western New York Drilling Defense

Coalition to Protect New York Water

Stop The Constitution Pipeline


Say no to fracking in NC

Lee County NC say NO to Fracking

Don’t Frack North Carolina – Citizens say no to Fracking in NC


Frack Free Ohio

No Fracking in Ohio State Parks

Don’t Frack With Tiscarawas County


No Fracking Way

Gas Drilling Awareness Coaltion

Marcellus Protest

Marcellus at the Polls

Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Food & Water Watch, Pennsylvania

Protecting Our Waters

Fracking in Northeast Pennsylvania

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability

Lehigh Valley Gas Truth

Marcellus Outreach Butler County (MOB)

Berks Gas Truth

Save The Delaware

Frack Alert

Frack Free Philadelphia!

Stop Fracking PA!

Bucks Against HydroFracking

Tour de Frack

Stop the Commonwealth Pipeline – Chester County

Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper

No Fracking in Pike County





Physicians Against Fracking

Sierra Club ‘Hydro-Fracking’ Team

Frack Free Nation

Nurse Rise – Nurses for Safe Water

Farmers Against Fracking

Chefs for the Marcellus

Artists Against Fracking

Please add your fb page or group to the comments and I will update – thanks!


WEBSITES:  Anti-Fracking Grassroots Blogroll 

For a comprehensive listing of Pennsylvania groups opposed to Fracking, please visit FrackFreePA!

Follow on Twitter @Fractivista


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3 Responses to “FrackNation or Continental Divide?”

  1. terica (@tericaL) Says:

    thanks for adding Lee CountyNC’s facebook page .I spend way too much time there too. But we Have to get the word out where ever we can. Please check out a new Page called “stand your ground NC against fracking ” on FB too. Ed is fighting the “forced pooling in NC” it has been said by many G&O companies ,”If forced pooling is Not allowed in NC ,it would Not make them enough$$ to come to NC!
    Let’s Stop Forced Pooling and we have a chance in hell in beating them. We must Unite to make this happen.

  2. Julie Ann Edgar Says:

    Hi Liz– what an impossible job to undertake lists like this! (bows) i would love it if you would list Lehigh Valley Gas Truth which was the twin in the womb with Berks Gas Truth both of which i love dearly 🙂 i also clicked through to the FRACK FREE PA website (which i love so!), and was surprised that Lehigh Valley Gas Truth was not under the Lehigh Valley groups. haha. no doubt you are busy but since that is my target activist “market”, i would LOVE it if that site sent folks our way!

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