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The Art of Anti-Fracking Comes of Age

Lately, it seems like anti-fracking artistic expression is exploding out of gaslands everywhere. Maybe the message is mainstreaming? You know when Yoko Ono starts speaking out, the cause is officially big. She may be polite and petite, but she’s got a mighty big bullhorn and she’s obviously peeved.

Sad truth is, the harsh light of reality is unkind to the invasive, destructive processes of shale gas production and frack waste disposal. Across the country, there’s a heightened demand for clean, sustainable energy and increasing local efforts for conservation. Artists, filmmakers, videographers, photographers, musicians, writers and poets have become so passionate about this cause, they’re shouting from their respective rooftops. And voyeurs, if they’re anything like me, are left wondering what we can possibly do when a single industry is systematically destroying our water tables, air quality, and the loamy soil beneath our feet?

We can live without gas but we can’t live without water. It’s the stuff of life pulsing through our veins. Frack with that, and people tend to go hardcore. So go on, get schooled, and enjoy a sampling of the creative contributions inspired by the shale gas boom, in what is rapidly becoming the biggest public push-back the world has ever seen.

“C’Mon EPA, We’re Worried For Our DNA”  

What lurks deep beneath Sesame Street? It’s a scary place yet this video is suitable for all ages.

Published on Dec 21, 2012 by John Duarte. Composed by Luvtouch Music. For more information, visit and

Give It To Me, Gov

Since New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declined meet to with Yoko Ono as of yet, she has taken the truth to television. Ono makes it easy for Cuomo – and all the world – to see what’s wrong with Fracking in her new ad.  

“p.s. Nice to Meet You, Governor”  Published on Feb 7, 2013

            Gimme Some Truth about Fracking – Gov Cuomo

            Don’t Frack New York!


Truth Will Start To Speak

Yoko Ono and Artists Find Out what Fracking Has Done to Pennsylvania  

In early February, 2013, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Susan Sarandon, Arun Gandhi and Josh Fox visited Pennsylvania’s gaslands. Then they put out the call to action. Together, with an ever-growing list of artists, they are calling for a ban on Fracking in New York, and to turn New York into a clean energy leader.


Letter To Drillers

Jamie Frederick’s deeply moving letter regarding her experiences with fracking in Ohio is read by Melissa Leo at the New Yorkers Against Fracking Rally & Concert at The Egg in Albany NY on May 15, 2012.

“I did not know what fracking was, or that I was being deliberately poisoned, but I do now.”  Published on Aug 14, 2012.


Beautiful Pixels

Scroll down through the clear images in Dangers of Fracking to gain a deeper understanding of the dilemmas and dangers posed by Shale Gas Production.


Lucas Hermann features this elegant presentation in The Dangers of Fracking Explained by Scrolling on the digital art blog, Beautiful Pixels, March 7, 2012.


Day of Reckoning

Jay Wilcox, reporting from inside the Hydrofracking War Zone of Pennsylvania in the landmark series “From The Frontlines,” introduces us to Dave Bohlander, a business consultant in Bradford County, PA who believes politicians will one day be held accountable. “The problem is,” says Bohlander, “you can’t afford to test for the hundreds of things that they don’t even tell you they’re doing.

My sister-in-law, down here, had a black ooze coming out of her ground, the DEP refused to test it. She had it independently tested, and it was toluene coming up through her ground.” – David Bohlander, Bradford County, Pa.


Real Frack:  Straight Talk For Governor Corbett

Pennsylvania residents voice their messages of opposition to shale gas drilling to Governor Corbett in this Delaware Riverkeeper Network video. The video clips were shared with Governor Corbett on January 8, 2013. Published by DRN, January 9, 2013.


Frack Pit Love Song

Kris Kitko’s catchy ballad about frack waste pits in North Dakota. Photos by TXSharon. Uploaded May 8, 2011.

Uploaded by


Colorful Language For Gas-Holes

It’s “drill, baby, drill” no more when Ray Kemble, former industry worker, sees gas drilling in a personal light. Kemble has a way with words – all of them! – and he makes his point. [Viewer discretion.]


Can’t Drink Money

Jenny Morgan of Columbus, Ohio singing her classic crowd-pleaser “You Can’t Drink Money” at a fracking protest on the steps of the Ohio statehouse in 2011.


Just Think: Fallout From Fracking

Environmental journalist Karen Charman is interviewed on Think Tank.

“What we’ve seen is that it’s just been unbelievably polluting and destructive.”

Uploaded on January 3, 2011


Fracked By The Fuzz 

Fracked tap water becomes a “Toxic Substance” where Pennsylvania State Police are concerned when they decide to prevent Craig Stevens from bringing a gallon jug of a citizen’s water into the New York State Capitol building for a press conference on January 30, 2013.

“I Thought I Could Deal With These People.”  Published on February 1, 2013


Old School

Cornell Professor, Dr. Anthony Ingraffea sheds an academic light on gas well construction, hydrofracking, micro annular casing leaks and more.

Myths!”  Ingraffea Helps Fractivists Keep Their Facts Straight On Gas Well Construction and Hydrofracking. Published June 20, 2012.


Fractured Land

Fractured Land tells the story of a young Dene warrior from northeastern BC, taking on Big Oil and Gas to protect his land and people from the ravages of neocolonialism – all the while learning to accept the role he was born for, as one of Canada’s next generation of leaders. Visit:


You’ve Been Fracked

Winner of Yoko Ono’s Artists Against Fracking Video Contest. Published by on Feb 2, 2013

Visit New York Youth Against Fracking on Facebook.

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5 Responses to “More, More, More!”

  1. Bill White Says:

  2. FrackFighter Says:

    Great job Liz – Thanks


    Deia had her new film Backyard funded at Kickstarter:

    Caleb had his new film Fractured Land funded at Indiegogo:

    You’re right – we need more, more, more – they all need us to do more than watch.


  3. Liz Rosenbaum Says:

    i’ll add Fractured Land to the post – thanks!

  4. FrackFighter Says:

    Here’s a couple More, Liz…

    one of my favorites – Deia’s interview with Barb Jarmoska…only 12 views so far – should be seen by everyone

    “…greed took over and here we are…”

    Near the end of the interview she quotes from Drew Dellinger’s fabulous video…


  5. John Duarte Says:

    Thanks so much for including “Fracking Rock” in your article! Keep up the wonderful work you’re doing on this blog. – John Duarte

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