Sierra Club’s Brune Braves Fox Fact Bubble, Remains A Gentleman

Interviewed, and often talked over, on Fox NewsVarney & Co.Sierra Club Executive Director, Mike Brunenot only keeps his cool but remains a polite and informative guest.

Despite Stuart Varney’s ill-informed scoffing and scorn, the unflappable Brune manages to state a few facts on climate change, solar power, wind, natural gas and the Keystone XL Pipeline – facts like how KXL isn’t any more inevitable than other planned, non-existent pipelines; and how the number of US solar installations broke the record in 2012, and will do so again in 2013.

A vociferous climate denier, Varney appears to think fossil fuels will last “forever” while one of his co-hosts would simply deny wind power altogether because he’s never seen a windmill turning. (Here’s a hint: just like the sun is more likely to shine in the daytime, the wind is more likely to blow at night – maybe go look then?)


Brune isn’t baited or cowed by Varney & Co.’s carnival-esque atmosphere. I’ve been unable to embed the video, as is usually the case with Fox clips, but here’s the link:

Sierra Club ExecutiveDirector Mike Brune On His Efforts To Stop The Completion Of The Keystone Pipeline

Way Beyond Coal  

Some still question Sierra’s commitment to clean energy, pointing to how the group received funding from Chesapeake Oil & Gas for their Beyond Coal campaign. The organization, which is really an amalgam guided by many strong state chapters, has come a long way since then. Today, Sierra is one of the nation’s loudest proponents of renewable energy. Under Brune’s stewardship, the mighty patchwork is putting its considerable energy into a brand new campaign: Beyond Natural Gas.

To stay up-to-the-minute on Sierra’s growing role in the fight for a fossil-free future, Share + Like the new Beyond Natural Gas facebook page.


Kickoff Bucks, Montgomery County Group Meeting. Sierra Club, Southeastern Pennsylvania Group

Saturday, March 23, 2013, 2pm – 5pm

Northampton Library, Richboro PA   

Meeting objectives:

  • Explanation of what is an official Sierra Club Group?
  • What is necessary to form an official Sierra Club Group?
  • What minimum leader positions are necessary for an official Sierra Club Group?
  • Brainstorming and ideas of how the Group will look and function.
  • Delegation of assignments and next steps.

More information:

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