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Fight Fracking: 5 Things To Do Today

November 30, 2011

The more I learn about the shale gas boom, the more I respect the pioneer spirit of Pennsylvanians, and the more disgusted I am by the frontier mentality of the gas drilling industry. We’re a commonwealth, after all, and I equate wealth with a healthy society and a flourishing ecology. I often think of Ben Franklin’s famous quote: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”When it comes to the cumulative environmental impacts of pollution from Fracking, I’m afriad we all live downstream. (more…)

Shale Gas Outrage – A Growing Movement

July 17, 2011

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

No doubt by now you’ve heard a lot about hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – for natural gas. The issue of fresh water depletion and toxic water and air pollution just won’t go away, no matter how much our pro-gas, anti-tax governor would like it to. In fact, the EPA has recently begun studies of fracking’s impact in three Pennsylvania counties. The industry, however, is not willing to wait for science, and they are moving full steam ahead, taking advantage of Pennsylvania’s no-tax status and lax regulation. At the same time, the new state budget includes $160 million in cuts to the Department of Environmental Protection. Go figure.

If you’re not outraged yet, then consider the recent vote to approve “Forced Pooling” in which landowners can be compelled to sign drilling leases simply because their neighbors have.

PA Water Groups: Who’s Who Among Environmental “Stake Holders”

June 16, 2011

Diversity among Pennsylvania’s various Environmental “Stake Holders” is both their greatest strength and most unfortunate weakness. Coordinating their objectives might be the biggest hurdle facing the rapidly expanding, totally grass roots, refreshingly bi-partisan movement to protect The Delaware River Watershed from the singularly focused, heavily lobbied shale gas drilling industry.

Water Action Groups have sprung up across the the state, particularly in Eastern PA, as drillers prepare to tap the ready, pure gas available a mile below the Upper Delaware River Watershed in Northeastern PA. In suburban Philadelphia, an understanding of the issue is still coming to light as more local Democratic representatives like Greg Vitali, Daylin Leach and Mike Gerber take up the environmental cause. (more…)

River to River Walk in Philly on Saturday, April 23

April 23, 2011

Is it just me or do we need more than one day to celebrate the Earth? More and more people are organizing to protest Fracking in the Delaware River watershed, and many of them are walking together from the Schuylkill River to the Delaware River today. Here’s a list of the citizen action groups who sponsored the event. For a list of the largest groups working in our state, and their mission statements, check out the page at right. Consider lending your support to these hard-working grassroots movements.

Yo, Philly, these are the people fightin’ to keep our tap water safe!

Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Drexel Student Sierra Club

Food and Water Watch

Protecting Our Waters

Temple Students for Environmental Action *

Record Number of Letters Delivered to the DRBC

April 16, 2011

Over 35,000 letters were delivered by Environmental and Citizen Action Groups who are opposed to Fracking in the Delaware River Watershed. That number greatly exceeds any Public Comment Period in the Delaware River Basin Commission’s history. I, for one, am holding my breath to see what happens next.