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Roll Call: Which PA Politicians Accept Funds from the Gas Industry?

May 11, 2011 is a Gas Industry watchdog group formed by Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania and Common Cause/Pennsylvania. In May 2011, they jointly released the report “Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets” which found that over the past decade, Pennsylvania lawmakers of both political parties have received more than $7 million from Gas Industry. Contributions from gas interests to Pennsylvania lawmakers have more than doubled since the 2006 Gubernatorial Election Cycle. Current Pennsylvania Lawmakers have received about $3.4 million in campaign contributions from the Oil & Gas Industry.
When asked to put in place a temporary moratorium on drilling in public lands until a full study of the impact could be made, those who voted “no” had accepted an average of three times as much cash from gas interests than those who supported that reasonable measure. [SOURCE:] (more…)