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Flawed Law – Join The Fight To Overturn Act 13

September 27, 2012

Support the Legal Challenge to The Marcellus Shale Act!

via The Delaware Riverkeeper Network:
Act 13 of 2012 stole municipalities’ rights to control zoning of oil and gas operations and it forces gas drilling, pipelines, toxic frack pits and more into neighborhoods and up against community resources like schools, day care centers, and parks.    (more…)

Leach Wants To Amend Marcellus Act STAT!

April 25, 2012

PA Act 13 Puts Gas Drillers Between Doctors & Patients

Less than a week after Governor Corbett signed Act 13, The Marcellus Shale Act, in February 2012, Dr. Walter Brasch posted his seminal three-part paper, FRACKING: Pennsylvania Gags Physicians, on As PA Act 13 transformed the outmoded PA Oil and Gas Code, Brasch shed light on the fact that Corbett’s new rules compel doctors to withhold vital information from patients in their care, inhibiting recovery, in order to keep Gas Drillers’ trade secrets. The Fractivist drumbeat has been banging on the issue ever since. Mainstream media, and state legislators, have certainly heard the noise. (more…)